Development Kit Enables Real-Time Energy Profiling

Oslo, Norway: Energy Micro, a company specializing in energy microcontrollers, has designed a development kit for its EFM32 Gecko MCU family that provides what the company calls an Advanced Energy Monitoring system. Modular in construction, the development kit comprises a motherboard, a plug-in MCU card (available either with or without a 160-segment LCD), and a large plug-in prototyping card for application development.

Based on the ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller architecture, the target EFM32G MCU running at 3 V consumes less than 180 μA/MHz in executing code from flash and is proven to extend battery life by a factor of four, the company says. To simplify application debugging and programming, the development kit features an on-board USB/J-Link emulator and standard 20-pin debug connector.


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