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Development Kit Supports MCUs And Mixed Signal Devices

Supporting all of the company’s MCUs and mixed-signal devices, as well as industry-standard 8051s, the UniVersaKit (UVK) development kit and evaluation system integrates the required support circuitry to minimize startup time, accelerate system prototyping, and shorten time to market. The board includes 3.3V and 5V voltage regulators, an RS-232 transceiver, DB9 connectors, tact switches, eight LEDs, an I2C-based EEPROM, piezo buzzer and driver circuitry, chip peripherals, and I/O pins. The UVK includes a VERSA in-circuit programmer for the VMX1020 and VMX1016 mixed-signal devices; the programmer can also be used for in-system programming in end-product production. Price is $99. GOAL SEMICONDUCTOR, Montreal, Canada. (800) 943-4625.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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