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3D parasitic extraction technology enters the next generation in Ansoft's Q3D Extractor v.6. The tool speeds design of critical nets and interconnect components in IC packages, on pc boards, and in the connection path between them. It serves well in applications where on-chip passives like spirals, vias, meanders, and interdigitated capacitors must be designed and optimized up front to achieve timing closure. Q3D Extractor sports the Ansoft Desktop interface, which electromagnetically minded designers know from the company's HFSS tools. Pricing starts at $39,900 for a perpetual license. Learn more at www.ansoft.com.

Two evaluation and prototyping boards are now available with high-performance FPGAs and a wide range of options from Celoxica. The RC300 package, based on a 6-Mgate Xilinx Virtex II FPGA, provides a desktop package for development of applications in robotics and industrial vision systems, video compression, and distribution and networking. The RC2000-Pro package targets the development of image-processing systems-on-a-chip. It's based on a PCI mezzanine card with either a XC2VP70 or XC2VP100 Virtex II Pro platform FPGA. Prices start at $12,500 for the RC300. Visit www.celoxica.com for details.

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