Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

SUPPORT FOR THE OPENACCESS 2.2 DATABASE has been voiced by Cadence Design Systems. An early champion of OpenAccess, Cadence will employ v.2.2 as a unified database across its IC implementation platform and design-formanufacturing (DFM) tools. Use of the new version of the industry-standard design database will further improve efficiency of design-data exchanges between applications. Support for OpenAccess 2.2 is already shipping in the Encounter and Virtuoso design platforms as well as DFM and Allegro Package Designer. Visit www.cadence.com for more information.

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE COVERIFICATION for Freescale's PowerQUICC MPC8548E communications processor is now supported by Mentor Graphics' Seamless environment. A processor support package (PSP) for the device gives designers a virtual platform they can use to concurrently develop boardlevel hardware and software in systems based on the MPC8548E. Simulation throughput is increased, enabling designers to quickly validate the system hardware and embedded software against each other before building prototypes. For more details, visit www.mentor.com.

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