Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

A CIRCUIT-EXTRACTION PROCESS developed by Taeus International aids in reverse-engineering ICs to investigate potential patent infringements. The technique involves using a microscope and camera to photograph sections of an IC die. in the past, this has been followed with manual processing to correct distortion. Taeus has developed software that stitches the photos into a corrected, full-chip image that's as close as possible to the circuit's original geometry. Visit www.taeus.com for details.

ELECTROMECHANICAL PC-BOARD DESIGN is made easier by version 2.2 of FLO/PCB, an enhanced pc-board tool. FLO/PCB now features automatic Manhattan distance calculation and constraint management. This allows first-order signal-integrity requirements to be introduced early in the design process, where component placement and thermal performance scenarios are checked as a function of functional definition. FLO/PCB promotes a desigh process that integrates electrical and mechanical design, enabling early resolution of component placement and thermal issues. For more information, visit www.concept.de.

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