Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

EDA tools go on the road through Tanner EDA's new commuter licensing model. Users can "check out" available licenses onto their notebook PCs for a predefined period. They can then disconnect from their company's network without losing access to the Tanner tools. This is particularly useful for designers who work at home or travel frequently. Commuter licenses are simply selected from the software's Help menu. They're available for Tanner's full range of tools, including T-Spice Pro, L-Edit Pro, and HiPer Verify. Pricing for commuter licenses starts at $3000. For more, surf to www.tannereda.com.

Automated power and signal-integrity analysis for IC packages, pc boards, and systems is available in Ansoft's SIwave version 2. A full-wave electromagnetic-field simulator, SIwave analyzes signal- and power-integrity effects using a proprietary finite-element technique. Designers can characterize simultaneous switching noise, intersymbol interference, power and ground bounce, resonances, reflections, and coupling between signal traces and power/ground planes. Entire pc boards and package structures can be modeled using an analysis engine to generate both frequency- and time-domain results. Visit www.ansoft.com/products/si/siwave for details.

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