Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

Support for ethernet, USB, and serial ATA verification is now offered in Denali's PureSpec line of verification intellectual property. PureSpec-Ethernet has all you need to verify the compliance and compatibility of Ethernet designs, while PureSpec-USB does the same for USB interfaces. In PureSpec-Ethernet, a configurable bus-functional model (BFM) completely models the IEEE 802.3 specification. Likewise, PureSpec-USB includes a BFM that models the USB 2.0 and On-The-Go specs. Both also provide a sophisticated data-generation engine to help drive defined, pseudorandom bus traffic at all layers. On the serial ATA side, Denali now offers both design and verification IP. Visit www.denali.com/purespec for more information.

Support for enterprise-wide pc-board design grows deeper and wider in the latest revision of Zuken's CR-5000 design suite. The constraints-driven suite targets designers of highly complex boards using techniques such as embedded passives, flex circuits, high-density interconnects, and FPGAs. Enhancements to version 8.01 of System Designer, the schematic capture and analysis module, include a net connect view and the ability to both import and export net label and pin information in CSV format. Upgrades to Board Designer, the place-and-route module, enables designers to space tracks automatically based on the electrical potential difference between them. Pricing starts at $3000/seat for System Designer and $38,000/seat for Board Designer. For details, visit www.zuken.com/cr-5000.

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