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EDA Roundup

Analyzing both package and PC board, Optimal's PowerGrid power-integrity toolset performs IR-drop and ground-bounce analysis of power distribution networks. The tool is based on a model-based full-wave extraction engine that's 100 times faster than comparable field solvers. Comprising ac and dc modules, PowerGrid works with most CAD interfaces, including Cadence's Allegro, Synopsys' Encore BGA, Mentor Graphics' MCM Station, Zuken's CR-5000, or any Gerber file. The tool costs $70,000 for complete package-to-pc-board codesign. Standalone IC-package and board versions cost $50,000 each. For further information, go to www.optimalcorp.com.

Concerned about support for Axis hardware-based verification systems? Tharas Systems has launched its T-SWAP (Tharas Switch from Axis Products) program. In a limited-time offer, Tharas will replace installed Verisity SpeXtreme/Axis products with its Hammer 100 hardware accelerator and provides customers with twice the amount of their currently installed gate capacity. The system is provided free of charge in exchange for a one-year Hammer maintenance contract. The offer is good for any Axis hardware, even if it's no longer under maintenance. Learn more at www.tharas.com/tswap.

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