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Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

A free web download of a PC-board design suite comes with an advanced place-and-route editor for quick, accurate routing. Cadstar Express with P.R. Editor XR 2000 is a fully functional version of Zuken's Cadstar 7.0 pc-board design suite with a limit of 50 library components and 300 pins. The tool suite includes accurate 45° routing, automatic copper repour to save time when there are layout changes, and constraints-based component footprints to prevent manufacturing errors. Web site visitors can also view samples of Cadstar Exchange, an online library of over 100,000 components. Download the tool at

Comprehensive design-for-test capabilities are now found in Magma's RTL-to-GDSII IC design flow with the integration of Mentor Graphics' TestKompress embedded deterministic test tool. Under an interoperability agreement between Magma and Mentor, the companies will provide mutual customers with an integrated implementation flow that includes design-for-test capabilities to ensure design closure and testability of nanometer designs. The TestKompress tool uses a patented compression technology to reduce test time and data volume by up to 100 times. For more, visit and

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