Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

3D PLANAR ELECTROMAGNETIC MODELING AND ANALYSIS now comes in a 64-bit version with Agilent EEsof's latest edition of Momentum. With this version, users can see significantly improved accuracy, capacity, and speed for design and verification of passive components and interconnects in RFIC, MMIC, and pc-board/hybrid/module projects. The 64-bit capability eliminates memory limitations and cuts EM simulation and verification time in half. The new version of Momentum, integrated into both the ADS 2005A and RFDE 2005A analog/RF design environments, will be available in September. Prices for ADS and RFDE begin at around $8000 and $16,000, respectively. Visit www.agilent.com/find/eesof for more information.

A STREAMING COPROCESSOR CAPABILITY has been added to CriticalBlue's Cascade coprocessor-synthesis design environment. Streaming permits autonomous transfer of data into and out of the coprocessor with minimum main CPU interaction, freeing the CPU to execute other tasks. The new capability allows designers to select an autonomous streaming-coprocessor implementation for applications in which the offloaded functions process continuous streams of data. In such cases, a streaming architecture is suited to achieving optimal system data throughput and power consumption. The new capability will be available in Cascade in the second half of 2005. For details, visit www.criticalblue.com.

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