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Spiral Inductor Design Tool Adds Layouts And Automated Fitting
The Spiral 3D inductor design tool is a specialized toolset for designing embedded spiral inductors in analog and RF chips, hybrids, MCMs, and pc boards. This tool now includes differential spirals, "mask-ready" layouts, and automated fitting of equivalent lumped circuit models.

The tool allows designers to create spiral inductors by specifying simple geometric parameters. The Spiral then automatically creates the spiral inductor to a specified number of turns or to a target inductance value. The differential spiral capability is used when designing differential circuits, such as oscillators and Gilbert cell mixers, that require well-matched inductors in a minimum area.

The mask-ready layout capability includes the ability to snap all vertices to a user-selected grid, replacing large vias with arrays of minimum-sized vias. It ensures, when geometrically possible, that all polygons have angles of 90° or 45°.

Spiral is available now and costs $33,000 per license.

OEA International Inc., 3235 Kifer Rd., Ste. 300, Santa Clara, CA 95051; (408) 738-5972; fax (408) 738-2017; www.oea.com.

Tool Provides HDL Simulation Of Programmable Logic Devices
The Active-HDL 4.2XE HDL simulator is designed specifically for use with Xilinx devices. It achieves a 40% increase in simulation speed over the previous 4.0XE versions, providing designers of Xilinx technologies a complete high-performance FPGA design and HDL simulation solution.

According to the company, this software gives users the ability to seamlessly import Xilinx Foundation Series projects, schematics, and libraries directly into an HDL verification environment. Once imported, the sche-matics and other files can be used, which preserves all graphics, attributes, hierarchy structure, and settings. Previously designed schematics, ABEL files, LogiBlox, and CoreGen modules can be reused in an HDL environment to retarget these designs to the newest Xilinx device families.

Active-HDL 4.2XE provides unrestricted VHDL or Verilog simulation supporting all Xilinx device families and the latest Virtex-II devices. Also, the SIMPRIM library has been built into the Active-HDL simulation kernel to increase timing simulation over the Foundation Series by 50 times. While the VHDL simulator is IEEE-1076-87/93 compliant, the Verilog simulator complies with the IEEE-1364-95 standard. This software supports logic synthesis from Exemplar, Synplicity, Synopsys, and Xilinx Synthesis Technology (XST) directly from its Flow Manager.

The software includes the Project Manager, HDL Editor, State Machine Editor, Block Diagram Editor/Schematic Editor, automatic testbench generation, a waveform viewer and editor, and the choice of a VHDL or Verilog simulation kernel. It's priced at $2995.

Aldec Inc., 2230 Corporate Cir., Henderson, NV 89014; (702) 990-4400; fax (702) 990-4414; www.aldec.com.

Power Integrity Module Bolsters PC-Board Design Suite
A Power Integrity module is now available as an option in the Cadence SPECCTRAQuest series of design and analysis tools. The module is designed to decrease development costs, shorten design cycles, and increase reliability of high-speed pc-board systems. It enables designers to address critical power issues early in the design process, allowing for more reliable and efficient product designs.

Among the module's capabilities are the ability to determine the characteristics of the plane structures to ensure adequate power delivery at all frequencies. It also allows designers to determine adequate coupling strategy to avoid EMI issues inherent in high-speed power switching while avoiding overdesign through the use of excessive decoupling capacitors.

TDK Corp. will provide capacitor characterization data in the Cadence Power Integrity module format through its Web site. Users can thereby avoid manual entries of capacitor parameters, saving time. Going forward, Cadence expects other capacitor manufacturers to provide libraries for the users of the Power Integrity module.

The new Power Integrity module will be available as an option to SPECCTRAQuest SI Expert in the second quarter of 2001. It is supported on Sun Solaris 7 and 8 in the first release. Subsequent releases will support Windows 2000, HP-UX, and IBM AIX. The Power Integrity module starts at a U.S. list price of $22,000 for a one-year license.

Cadence Design Systems Inc., 2655 Seely Ave., Bldg. 5, San Jose, CA 95134; (408) 943-1234; www.cadence.com.

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