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Compact Expandable Control Systems Support 168 I/O Points
The Smart Star series of modular, expandable embedded control systems targets demanding, real-time control and data-acquisition applications. By delivering several low-cost I/O card options in a customizable design, the series fits a range of development requirements and budgets. Smart Star models also can be programmed and debugged via the Internet.

Options—which include digital, analog to digital, digital to analog, and relays—can be interchanged to meet most I/O requirements. The series' density supports up to 168 I/O points in a panel that measures less than 27.3 in. Its slot-style rack lets designers interchange I/O cards as requirements change while providing streamlined maintenance with a front-loading configuration.

The system consists of a rugged backplane with a power supply, a CPU card, and one or more I/O cards. Eight slots are available on the backplane. One is for the CPU card, and the other seven are for I/O cards to be used in any combination. The Rabbit 2000 microprocessor powers the CPU card, which operates at 25.8 MHz. This card has 512k of flash memory and up to 512k of SRAM for program and data storage.

All parts of the system are available now. The CPU board costs $99, the backplane costs $109, and the I/O cards cost from $39 to $89. The entire system costs $345. Priced at $149, the Smart Star tool kit has all the necessary hardware tools needed to begin design.

Z-World, 2900 Spafford St., Davis, CA 95616; (530) 757-3737; fax (530) 753-5141; www.zworld.com.

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