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SBC Features Integrated C Development Environment
The SBC488A single-board computer (SBC) boasts a fully integrated C development environment. It also features an IEEE-448 GPIB controller to provide OEMs with flexible rapid instrument development capabilities without the associated time and expense of developing a GPIB controller for their products.

This SBC is designed as a low-cost turnkey solution. According to the company, it suits a broad range of power supply, RF test equipment, and laboratory instrument applications where IEEE-448, RS-232/RS-485 control is required. It features a ZiLOG Z180-based processor with speeds of 9.216 or 18.432 MHz. Two serial ports support RS-232 and RS-485 communications.

The SBC488A with 32k SRAM costs $395 each.

Tidal Engineering Corp., 3 Emery Ave., Randolph, NJ 07869; (973) 328-1181; fax (973) 328-2303; www.tidaleng.com.

Horizontal Family Of Enclosures Suits 6U CompactPCI Cards
The G0405/G0406 horizontal family of enclosures for 6U CompactPCI cards provides a low-profile option for telecom, broadcast, telephony, industrial, and medical OEMs. The G0406 suits applications requiring small size, true multisystem clustering, or hot-swap of I/O cards where front-to-back cooling is a must. Features include a five- or six-slot H.110 backplane, full rear I/O support, a 320-W power supply, and three drive bays. Two of the drive bays feature front access. Two cooling fans provide ample air flow. The G0405/G0406 enclosures start at $1449.

I-Bus/Phoenix, 8888 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123; (858) 503-3000; fax (858) 503-3005; www.ibus.com.

Two-Axis Stepper Motor Controller Uses PC104 Bus
The NPMC5023-2104 two-axis stepper motor controller uses a PC104 Bus. This device features two-axis control, a high pulse rate capability (4.9 Mpulses/s) for microstepping, and an S-curve ramp-up and ramp-down. It also features encoder feedback inputs and linear interpolation. Users can easily program their own motion profiles. Windows-based software provides quick setup and testing. According to the company, the NPMC5023-2104 suits applications in the semiconductor and medical instruments industries.

In 10-unit quantities, it costs $230.

Nippon Pulse Motor Co., 1047 Norwood St., Ste. B, Radford, VA 24141; (540) 633-1677; www.pulsemotor-usa.com.

CompactFlash Memory Card Features High 512-Mbyte Capacit
y A line of CompactFlash memory cards includes 512-, 384-, and 256-Mbyte versions. According to the company, the 512-Mbyte card is the world's highest capacity, standard CompactFlash Type I card. These cards are targeted for use in 3- and 4-Mpixel high-resolution digital cameras and Internet music players. The 512-Mbyte version costs $799. While the 384-Mbyte version costs $599, the 256-Mbyte card costs $399.

SanDisk Corp., 140 Caspian Ct., Sunnyvale, CA 94089; (408) 542-0500; fax (408) 542-0503; www.sandisk.com.

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