Embedded analyser kit handles communications debugging

Using the PICkit Serial Analyser, created by Microchip, design engineers can interface with embedded circuits within serial systems via any Windows-based PC. The analyser comes replete with a 28pin demo board featuring the 8bit PIC16F886 microcontroller.

The kit’s hardware and graphical- user-interface (GUI) software allow for testing and debugging of communication between the PC and several industry-standard serial protocols on the microcontroller being tested, including I2C, SPI, and USART. Among the other features are user’s guides for the PICkit Serial Analyser and demo board, complete source code, selected application notes, and Microchip’s MPLAB integrated development environment (IDE), which is free of charge.

Available now, the analyser not only includes the microcontroller demo board, but a USB cable and CD. The 28pin demo board, which can be purchased separately, comes with one populated and two bare boards.

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