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Expert Development Tools Suggest Code Enhancemments Code Composer Studio (CCS) Tuning Edition for TMS320-C6000 DSPs employs trace analysis tools like Compiler Consultant and Code Size Tune to make coding and configuration suggestions to programmers. Developers therefore can tune their application to get the best code/size tradeoff needed for many DSP applications. The C6000 DSP, developed by Texas Instruments, incorporates a cache, so it's not surprising that CacheTune helps optimize cache usage. The user interface for the underlying tools, known as the Dashboard, includes Advice, Goals, Profile Setup, and Profile Viewer windows. The Goals window lets developers see how the current application compares to the desired system design goals. The tools can be combined to generate a 2D graph that compares memory and performance for a number of different development system configurations. As a result, designers are free to choose the configuration that meets their needs. The package costs $3595, and there's no cost to current CCS users.


3.8-in. Smart LCD Fits Mobile Applications The Amulet 3.8-in. MKGT380x LCD modules incorporate Amulet Technologies' Easy GUI Controller chip. The Easy GUI can use a simple serial interface to display interactive, Web-based interfaces. The 320-by-240 LCD module has mounting tabs and a single connector designed for easy inclusion into production products. Blue negative transmissive and FSTN transreflective versions are available. The displays consume as little as 60 mA. MLGT-380x LCD modules start at $135. Starter kits, which contain Web author software, are also available.


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