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VXS Switchless Backplane Ideal For Early Developers
The five-slot VXS backplane complies with the new VITA 41.0 switched backplane specification and the VITA 38 specification for System Management. It doesn't require a switch, since it provides a direct connection between three of the slots. Also, it lets developers use different styles of switched backplanes, such as RapidIO or Ethernet, using the same backplane. The VXS backplane line costs under $1000.

Via Technologies extended its Via PadLock Hardware Security Suite with the Via PadLock virtual-private-network (VPN) utility. It uses the Advanced Encryption Security encryption engine in the Via C5P Nehemiah core processors. A low-overhead engine can encrypt or decrypt data at a sustained rate of 12.8 Gbits/s. The VPN software is available as a free download from Via Technologies' Web site.

ETX SBC Hits Low-Power Applications
The ETX-P3T and ETX-P3Tx single-board computers (SBCs) support low-power Celeron processors. They incorporate the Intel 82815 chip set (ETX-P3T) or ATI Mobility Radeon (ETX-P3Tx) graphics engines. Kontron's SBCs also have two ATA 33/66 integrated-development-environment ports, up to 512 Mbits of SDRAM, 10/100-Mbit BaseT Ethernet, and AC'97 audio. Pricing starts at $250.

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