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Light IPC Links Disparate Hosts
Enea's Linx interprocess communication (IPC) software supports a range of operating systems, including Linux. Linx is based on the IPC embedded in Enea's OSE real-time operating system. Its robust, message-passing system supports processors from DSPs through 64-bit processors and underlying protocols from shared memory to Ethernet. Communication is transparent to all underlying hardware and software. It supports redundant links. And, it can automatically reconfigure the system. Linx delivers a lower-overhead, higher-throughput IPC than competing technologies like TCP. The opensource Linux version is available with a dual BSD/GPL license. Commercial versions are also available from Enea. www.enea.com

Systems Ready To Roll
Ampro's ReadySystem comes in benchtop and wall-mount 1U, 2U, and ATX packages that support Linux 2.6 and Windows. Fedora Core 3 Linux can be pre-installed. The compact systems support processors through the 1.4-GHz Pentium M with space for hard drives and external access to flash memory. Expansion is via PC/104 boards. The rugged systems sport audio, Ethernet, serial, USB, CRT, and PS/2 ports. The flash memory port is electromagnetic-interference protected. Pricing starts at $977. www.ampro.com

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Point Of Sale OS Streamlines POS Application Development
Microsoft's Windows Embedded Point Of Sale (WEPOS) 1.1 lets Windows XP applications easily interface with POS hardware. The interface support complies with the UnifiedPOS retail peripheral standard version 1.9. The platform supports Microsoft's Smarter Retailing infrastructure, which facilitates the creation and support of retail-optimized applications. www.microsoft.com

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