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Embedded-Vision Engines Offer Development Environment Choices
The NetSight-CE and NetSight-NT embedded-vision systems come with ruggedized enclosures and opto-isolated connections for I/O and acquisition controls. They also provide a choice of development environments, including Windows and other operating software tools and applications. Their small-footprint, ruggedized enclosure features an SVGA output, keyboard, and mouse ports. A 500-MHz MMX-compatible CPU accelerates on-board vision processing.

All NetSight systems include MVTools, a machine-vision software tool package that combines subpixel accuracy with ease of use. Also, MVTools is a complete set of C++ software libraries (DLL). Functions include alignment, OCR, lead inspection, barcode, OCV/mark inspection, and calibration. Smart Search, an enhanced pattern recognition/search function, is featured as well. According to the manufacturer, it operates up to 15 times faster than most commonly used tools.

Prices start at $3500, list. OEM volume discounts are available.

Imaging Technology Inc., 55 Middlesex Tpke., Bedford, MA 01730-1421; (781) 275-2700; fax (781) 275-9590; www.imagin.com.

Developer Board Accelerates Prototyping And Time-To-Market
According to its manufacturer, the Axis Developer Board provides designers with a platform for rapid prototyping, development, and deployment. Based on the ETRAX 100 system-on-a-chip (SoC), the board includes an embedded version of Linux. It also includes the communications ports that are most commonly used with the ETRAX chip. With these features, developers can immediately test new applications without building their own hardware. This consequently produces quicker time-to-market and faster validation of new product concepts with users.

The Axis Developer Board costs $449. This includes up to three support incidents.

Axis Communications, 100 Apollo Dr., Chelmsford, MA 01824; (978) 614-2000; fax (978) 614-2100; www.axis.com.

Flash Drive Family Provides Up To 1.2 Gbytes Of Memory
Configured around high-reliability 256-Mbit Flash memory chips, a series of compact solid-state Flash drives provides up to 1.2 Gbytes of memory. These devices come in a 2.5-in. IDE AT form factor. They can connect to any computer-based IDE system via the standard 44-pin hard-drive interface, powered from a single 5-V supply. Their 2- and 3.5-Mbyte/s read and write capabilities let these nonvolatile drives provide a lifetime of 300,000 program/erase cycles.

The series includes 128-, 256-, 512-. and 640-Mbyte versions, in addition to the 1.2-Gbyte model. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, Semiconductors, Travellers Ln., Hatfield, Herts AL10 8XB, the U.K.; +44 (0) 1843-866-607; www.mitsubishichips.com.

Cryptographic Acceleration Protects VPNs, Firewalls, And E-Commerce
According to its manufacturer, the SafeNet/CryptPCI board is a complete secure communications solution. It provides performance and security for the hardware-based acceleration of VPNs, e-commerce applications, firewalls, and other cryptographic applications. Compliant with IPSec, this system uses the ADSP-2141 SafeNet/DSP crypto-accelerator chip. Cryptographic acceleration throughput is provided for such IPSec operations as DES and Triple-DES encryption, MD-5 or SHA-1 hashing, random number generation, and public-key computations. It also supports Diffie-Hellman key negotiation, RSA encryption and digital signatures, and DSA digital signatures.

Patented SafeNet/CGX Internet cryptography technology lies at the heart of this chip. This technology is burned directly onto ROM on the chip, providing tamper-proof crypto-functions to higher-layer applications. All encryption, key generation, and key management takes place on the chip for uncompromised protection for algorithms, key material, and key generation processes. Additionally, the chip includes a key management system, which is constructed to enforce hacker-proof security while providing a flexible set of key-handling scenarios.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Information Resource Engineering Inc., 8029 Corporate Dr., Baltimore, MD 21236; (410) 931-7500; fax (410) 931-7524; www.ire.com.

Processor Software Has Enhanced Integrated Voice And Data Abilities
When used with members of the CX27510 Edge Stream processor family, the EdgeMaker software package provides a network processor solution complete with multiservice application firmware. Compared to previous versions, the software's Voice-over-ATM capabilities have been enhanced to improve its integrated voice and data capabilities. Its off-the-shelf firmware services don't need any additional customer programming.

Future releases will be flexible enough to accommodate new feature requirements and evolving networking standards. These services also share a high-level API with a common look and feel, letting designers speed time-to-market across multiple applications. Customers also can upgrade to new feature sets, standards, and services as market requirements evolve.

Pricing ranges from $10,000 for a single service to $75,000 for all five services. ESP SimMaker hardware and software development tools cost $10,000. The CX27510 Edge Stream processor is priced from $109 to $185 in volume, depending on port density.

Conexant Systems Inc., 4311 Jamboree Rd., P.O. Box C, Newport Beach, CA 92658-8902; (949) 483-4600; fax (949) 483-4078; www.conexant.com.

Single-Board Computer Includes Frame Grabber And Host Of Features
The 1101 single-board computer includes a built-in frame grabber. Its EBX-size board integrates a number of features, such as a Pentium 223 MMX processor with 32 Mbytes of RAM, IDE and floppy interfaces, PC-104 and PC-104+ extension buses, and one parallel and two serial ports. It also integrates a 10Base-T Ethernet interface and keyboard and mouse ports. An optional 56k modem and solid-state disk are available as well.

The 1101 board can be purchased separately or as part of a complete 1101 system. This system includes an 1101TB companion board with a hard drive and power supply. It also features a PC-104+ display adapter, model 322, and an enclosure. Its frame-grabber drivers and SDK are available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, DOS, and Linux. According to its manufacturer, it's designed for applications ranging from surveillance to machine vision.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Sensoray, 7337 S.W. Tech Center Dr., Tigard, OR 97223; (503) 684-8005; fax (503) 684-8164; www.sensoray.com.

3U CompactPCI Processor Board Provides 333-MHz Performance
Based on the 333-MHz AMD K6-2, the cPRO3XT 3U CompactPCI processor board operates from −40°C to 70°C. Its nonoperating temperature spans from −40°C to 85°C. A member of the Proteus family of embedded computers, it's designed without excessive overhead to facilitate customization for specific industrial control and automation requirements. This device also offers up to 128 Mbytes of EDO DRAM, 512 kbytes of Level 2 cache, and up to 144 Mbytes of Flash disk-on-chip.

With all the functionality of a headless PC/AT motherboard, it features keyboard and mouse ports, parallel port, serial ports, USB port, floppy, and IDE. Ethernet also is provided. An Ali Aladdin IV chip set that's compatible with industry-standard PC hardware and software is incorporated as well. Customers can choose between various Socket 7 processors for optimum speed selection. Low-power Pentium processors are available at 166 and 266 MHz.

Now available, pricing starts at $1688 in OEM quantities.

SBS Technologies Inc., 2400 Louisiana Blvd. NE, #5-600, Albuquerque, NM 87110; (800) SBS-1553; fax (505) 875-0400; www.sbs.com.

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