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Embedded Systems

Motherboard Provides Easy Maintenance And Upgrading
The SF810 micro NLX small form-factor motherboard is based on the Intel 810 embedded chip set with an integrated VGA controller. Measuring 10 by 8.25 in., it combines the benefits of a plug-in motherboard for easy maintenance and upgrading with the ability to design low-profile systems. Expansion cards are mounted horizontally in a riser card, enabling designers to choose the required slot count and chassis dimensions to suit their needs.

Integrated features include a PanelLink controller for DFP/DVI flat-panel monitors, an Intel 82559ER 10/100 Ethernet controller, and an AC97 audio and a PCI/ISA bridge. Its PGA370 processor socket can be used with Intel Celeron and Pentium III processors. Two SDRAM sockets support a maximum of 512 Mbytes of SDRAM.

Additionally, the SF810 is available with Celeron and Pentium III processors. Pricing ranges from $236 to $534 each.

RadiSys Corp., 5445 N.E. Dawson Creek Dr., Hillsboro, OR 97124; (800) 950-0044; fax (503) 615-1115;

3U CompactPCI CPU Includes Mobile Pentium III Processor
The CP302 is a 3U CompactPCI system controller CPU that includes the Mobile Pentium III processor. The Pentium III supplies a 500-MHz clock speed and a 256-kbyte on-die full-speed L2 cache. Its Advanced Transfer Cache technology boosts performance 25% over previous Pentium III processors at the same clock speed. Packaged in a BGA, the Pentium III provides the CP302 with reduced power consumption, 1.35-V operation, and a thin profile for passive cooling.

Compliant with CompactPCI revision 3.0, this CPU's 64-bit CompactPCI interface enables 264-Mbyte/s data-transfer rates. It features 64 Mbytes of soldered SDRAM, supporting ECCC, and up to 256 Mbytes of memory using a 144-pin SODIMM socket. The CP302 also can be equipped with a 144-Mbyte DiskOnChip flash-memory module. Software support can be provided via Windows NT, Windows NT Embedded, VxWorks, and QNX.

Priced at $2170, the CP302's delivery is 30 days ARO.

PEP Modular Computers Inc., 750 Holiday Dr., Bldg. 9, Pittsburgh, PA 15220-2783; (412) 921-3322; fax (412) 921-3356;

Asynchronous Serial Port Packaged On A Stackable PC/104 Bus Card
Available in three versions, the 4I32 is a high-performance, four-channel asynchronous serial port on a stackable PC/104 bus card. It uses enhanced 16C550-compatible first-in/first-outed UARTs, which have 128-byte receive and transmit FIFOs. These can provide lower overhead or support higher baud rates. The UARTs also support automatic hardware or software flow control.

Each of the four serial ports can use any of the available AT bus interrupts. Jumper-selectable RS-422 termination is provided on card. The 4I32 can be operated in full-duplex or half-duplex RS-485 mode. Serial port connections are terminated in a 40-pin latching header. Option jumpers can select from eight different sets of port locations. The device runs on a single 5-V supply.

In 100-unit quantities, the 4I32 costs $135.

Mesa Electronics, 4175 Lakeside Dr., Suite 100, Richmond, CA 94086-1950; (510) 223-9272; fax (510) 223-9585;

Embedded Operating System Uses Scalable Component Architecture
The RTOS-32 embedded operating system can implement a Windows NT subset kernel in only 16 kbytes. It has a scalable component architecture, which means that it only loads the components that are actually needed by the specific application.

The RTTarget-32 Development System completely integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 while supporting Borland C, Watcom C, and Borland Delphi. The RTKernel-32 Real-Time Scheduler is a linkable library that includes functions to create threads, semaphores, critical sections, and other items. Embedded applications can read and write files on diskettes, hard disks, and flash disks through the RTFiles-32 Embedded File System. Additionally, the RTIP-32 Embedded TCP/IP Stack provides networking capabilities for RTOS-32 systems.

No run-time royalties are required. Free technical support and a free evaluation kit are available as well. Pricing starts at $1700.

On Time Software, 88 Christian Ave., Setauket, NY 11733; (888) 667-8200; fax (631) 689-1172;

PC/104Plus Module Integrates Host Of Features
Based on a 486DX processor, the CPU-1410 is a PC/104Plus module. It integrates the 486DX-75/100 MHz processor, 32 Mbytes of DRAM, IDE interfaces, a parallel port, CRT SVGA, PAL/NTSC TV-OUT, two serial ports, three timers, and a keyboard port. It also includes an SSD socket with up to 144 Mbytes of solid-state disk storage, a watchdog, and a real-time clock. PC/104-compliant, the module can be expanded with other PC104 or PC/104Plus modules. It also can be used as a single-board computer in embedded applications.

The CPU-1410 supports any operating systems available for the standard PC platforms, as well as real-time operating systems such as QNX, pSOS, and PHARLAP. By combining CPU and video capabilities into one module, it is suited for auto-navigation devices, industrial terminals, and other applications that require PCI bus and PC compatibility in a small, rugged form factor.

Contact the company for pricing information.

Eurotech, Via Jacopo Linussio 1-33020, Amaro (Udine), Italy; 39-0433-486258; fax 39-0433-486263;

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