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CompactPCI SBC Boasts A 32-Bit Interface And Speeds Up To 500 MHz
The RL4 CompactPCI SBC is a single-slot, 3U board that features Motorola PowerPC 7400/75x technology. It offers processing speeds up to 500 MHz, a 32-bit interface, and PCI-PCI bridging for increased application throughput.

This SBC meets the VITA 30.1 conduction cooled standard. On-board features and peripherals include 10/100Base Fast Ethernet RTC, Watchdog, four counter timers, four serial channels with RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces, 32 kbytes of nonvolatile SDRAM, a temperature sensor, PMC expansion, up to 128 Mbytes of SDRAM, 48 Mbytes of Flash, and I2O intelligent I/O support.

Suited for rugged and military uses, this board offers an extended temperature range from −40°C to 85°C. A conduction cooled configuration, conformal coating, and increased shock and vibration immunity also increase the board's versatility. Software available for the RL4 includes monitor/diagnostics, VxWorks, and LynxOS.

Available now, the RL4 costs about $2295.

SBS Technologies Inc., 2400 Louisiana Blvd. NE, #5-600, Albuquerque, NM 87110; (800) SBS-1553; fax (505) 875-0400; www.sbs.com.

RISC-Based System Features A USB Master And Compact Flash
The Graphics Master is a RISC-based system with a USB Master and compact Flash. As a comprehensive communications package, the system includes an on-board four-port USB hub, a USB downstream power switch, and a USB slave/USB bus master.

Optional serial ports, including IrDA, RS-232, TTL, and RS-485, add up to seven total ports. The system also includes a controller area network (CAN) bus, PCMCIA, and 10Base-T Ethernet. A re-configurable SMART I/O package controls 32 digital I/Os, 12 analog inputs, an 8-by-8 keypad, and two PWMs. Built on a 32-bit Intel StrongARM SA-1110 and SA-1111 companion chip RISC processor, the system offers clock rates up to 206 MHz.

A video interface with up to 1024-by-1024 resolution is offered, and 16-bit/pixel color is attained with an LCD controller. This system is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows CE, Microware's OS-9, and VxWorks. In addition, it supports JAVA with RTOS.

Available now, the Graphics Master costs about $350 per unit in OEM quantities.

Applied Data Systems Inc., 9140 Guilford Rd., Columbia, MD 21046; (800) 541-2003; fax (301) 490-4582; www.applieddata.net.

8-Bit Microprocessor Offers PC Connectivity On A Smaller Scale
The eZ80 Webserver delivers Internet connectivity in applications where PC implementations are not feasible. The 8-bit microprocessor features the CPU, operating system, and connectivity of a PC on a smaller scale.

Operating at 50 MHz from a 3-V supply, the chip features the Embedded Webserver Software Suite, which implements 15 Internet protocols, including TCP/IP and HTTP. An on-chip oscillator, 8 kbytes of SRAM, and two universal UART, SPI, or I2C interfaces are also included. The Internet-compliant stacks allow end-users to remotely manage, control, diagnose, and reconfigure their applications without a dedicated PC using any Internet browser.

The solution consists of the eZ80 core, the Embedded Webserver Software Suite, a multiply-accumulator engine, peripherals, and development tools. It addresses 16 Mbytes without a memory management unit (MMU). Also, it performs 24-bit arithmetic for higher throughput.

In 10,000-unit quantities, the eZ80 Webserver costs $8.15.

Zilog Inc., 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Campbell, CA 95008; (408) 558-8500; fax (408) 558-8300; www.zilog.com.

DSP Board Provides High-Speed Stereo Analog Audio Interface
The Iguana-89 audio DSP board uses the 16-bit, 75-MIPS ADSP-2189 processor with 192 kbytes of on-chip RAM and high-speed serial interfaces. It functions as an ADSP-2189 development system.

Control from a PC is achieved through a USB interface. Memory capabilities include 32 kwords of program and 48 kwords of data memory. Line-level stereo analog I/O and microphone input options are included. A Windows 9x program loader is also included. Audio data transfer between the PC and DSP is achieved through the USB interface.

A Flash socket enables standalone operation. Users can develop applications using the Iguana as a development platform. The final product is based on the same hardware in an embedded or standalone system. The Flash RAM socket enables autonomous booting and program loading.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Momentum Data Systems Inc., 17330 Brookhurst Ave., Ste. 140, Fountain Valley, CA 92708; (714) 378-5805; fax (714) 378-5985; www.mds.com.

64-Bit CompactPCI Processor Comes In Hot-Swappable 4HP Form Factor
The cPCI-MXS64 system processor is targeted to manufacturers of CTI servers, VoIP equipment, broadband data, and intelligent network switches. It is designed to meet the demands of near real-time and real-time, mission-critical datacom and telecom applications.

This device offers hot-swap capability, dual Ethernet, LVDS SCSI-2, IPMI controller, low-power dissipation, and passive cooling. Built with a Pentium III processor, it offers optional clock speeds of 400 and 500 MHz. A 100-MHz front side bus is also provided. It supports up to 768 Mbytes of SDRAM, a 64-bit PCI bus, and SCSI-2 LVDS. Other features include two USB ports, four serial ports, one parallel port, and support for two floppy-disk drives.

Standard mezzanine cards expand interface capabilities from seven to 14 I/O slots. Combined with the cPCI-MXP or cPCI-MXP64 peripheral processor, this single-board computer produces a solution for scalable multiprocessing using IPTalky technology for Windows NT, VxWorks, pSOS, and Linux-based applications.

For pricing and availability information, call the company.

Teknor Applicom Inc., 616 Curé-Bovin, Boisbriand, QC Canada J7G 2A7; (800) 387-4222; fax (450) 437-8053; www.teknor.com.

DAB One-Chip Baseband Processor Offers Full Decoding Rate Capability
The U2739M is a one-chip baseband operator for digital audio broadcasting (DAB) with a full decoding rate capability of 1.83 Mbits/s. It is an integrated circuit with advanced CMOS technology for demodulation and decoding of the DAB bit-stream data according to ETS 300 401 specifications. The device enables a car radio to receive services like messages, electronic newspapers, and videotext information in addition to audio data.

The baseband processor features on-chip channel and source decoders. Using the embedded OAK DSP Core, the channel decoder offers time/frequency synchronization algorithms. The source decoder consists of an audio source decoder and a data decoder that provides two independent packet-mode decoders. Several standard interfaces like I2C/L3, I2S, or RDI are implemented to ensure maximum flexibility.

The company offers a complete DAB evaluation kit, including the RF front-end evaluation board, an interface board with microcontroller, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and a baseband evaluation board with the U2739M.

Samples of the U2739M are now available. The device costs $24.

Atmel Wireless & Microcontrollers, 3 Avenue du Centre, BP 309, 78054 St. Quentin-en-Yvelines, France; 33 1 30 60 70 68; www.atmel-wm.com.

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