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Sealed Handheld Cases House Modern Instrumentation
The sealed Datec-Control handheld cases are suitable for housing modern instrumentation, mobile data-collection devices, and control equipment. The sealed design of the cases protects against dust and water ingress. While the cases sit in the hand perfectly, they are able to accommodate a wide variety of components, including standard graphics displays and batteries. Three screw-in battery compartments allow for four AA, one 9-V, and two 9-V cell arrangements. Plug-in battery packs enable larger configurations.

A recessed area for membrane keypads is located on the top of the case. This can be specified with or without a window cutout for mounting standard LCD modules. With a fine-textured finish, standard colors include off-white and black. While exterior dimensions vary according to the model, the Datec-Control S is the smallest with dimensions of 8.976 by 4.606 by 1.850 in. Options include nonstandard color, silk-screen printing, EMI/RFI shielding, and machining of holes for connectors.

Quantity pricing for the Datec-Control cases begins at $18 each.

OKW Enclosures Inc., Abele Business Pk. #203, 300 Old Pond Rd., Bridgeville, PA 15017; (800) 965-9872; (412) 220-9247; www. okwenclosures.com.

Turnkey Solution Enhances Compatibility Of PCI And ATA Devices
The Device Bay Chassis DB-32 offers a turnkey solution for PCI and ATA peripheral device compatibility. This solution for building Device Bay compliant peripherals ensures electrical and mechanical conformity to Device Bay specifications.

The design is easily customized for CD-ROMs, floppy-disk drives, tape drives, and hard-disk drives.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Ochs Industries Inc., 825 Scholz Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377; (937) 898-3941; fax (937) 898-1716; www.ochsindustries.com.

CompactPCI Rackmount Enclosure Features 1U Height
The 1U CompactPCI rackmount enclosure allows for the installation of the maximum number of systems in one rack. It can accommodate one dual-slot single-board computer (SBC) or a one-slot SBC and one peripheral board. The front of the enclosure is left free of cabling since boards are injected through the rear of the enclosure.

An internally mounted power supply accommodates all four CompactPCI voltages. The rear panel contains an on/off switch with ac input. The hot-swap-compatible backplane has two CompactPCI slots and a cable that connects the CPU board's parallel port signals to three user-programmable LEDs on the front of the enclosure. The enclosure comes equipped with rackmount ears for easy mounting in a 19-in. rack or with rubber feet for tabletop operation. Options include addition of company logo and preferred paint color.

Available now, the 1U CompactPCI enclosure is priced at $495 in OEM quantities.

One Stop Systems, 735 S. Vinewood St., Escondido, CA 92029; (760) 745-9883; fax (760) 745-9824; www.onestopsystems.com.

Non-Tip Enclosure Base Increases Stability Without Sacrificing Space
The design of this non-tip enclosure base provides stability without sacrificing floor space. The retractable base is pulled out by the user only when working on equipment housed in the enclosure. The base then slides back into the frame. Due to the narrow footprint of this base, repair work can easily be done. The design of the device saves valuable enclosure rack space. The non-tip base can be built directly into any Advantage enclosure.

The non-tip base costs between $150 and $200, depending on the depth of the enclosure frame.

Encore Products Inc., 344 N. McKenny Ave., Bldg. 2, Chandler, AZ 85226-2640; (480) 705-5590; fax (480) 705-5593; www.encoreusa.com.

Convertible System Packaging Line Provides Large I/O Capacity
The S27 line of convertible system packaging for both rack and benchtop applications combines large I/O capacity and optional disk storage bays. With an 8U height, the enclosures have space for up to 12 front-loading VME boards and 12 rear-loading transition cards. Unrestricted cable access is provided by flush front and rear cardcages. Also, units may be stacked in a 19-in. rack or on a benchtop without affecting cooling performance.

Features include choice of 250- or 500-W power supplies (with built-in power factor correction and cooling fan), removable rear cooling fan, options for rack slides, and a drive bay for four 5.25-in. half-height devices.

Fillers and air blocks are available to ensure even airflow in unused slots. Evenly distributed cooling of filtered, evacuated air is controlled by the unit's two 130-cfm fans. Optionally, a 12-slot rear filler panel is available to cover rear transition slots when not in use.

One-piece pricing for the S27 line begins at $2045.

Tracewell Systems Inc., 567 Enterprise Dr., Westerville, OH 43081; (800) 848-4525; (614) 846-4450; www.tracewell.com.

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