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Subrack Series Consists Of Configured Kits And Individual Components
Pentair Electronic Packaging
(888) 550-9543; www.pentair-products.com

The Schroff Pro Series line of subracks is fully IEEE-1101.10 and 1101.11 compliant. The series includes configured kits and individual components tailored for a customer's application.

The subracks feature extruded horizontal rails and card guides to provide modularity and flexibility. This configuration also provides shock and vibration resistance. A range of accessories is offered, including side plates, injector/ejector handles, front panels, and drive bays. The Pro Series subrack is designed to address the demanding performance requirements of CompactPCI and VME64x applications. According to the company, these subracks are suited for telecoms and other high-availability applications. Typical pricing for a Pro Series CompactPCI 3U subrack kit starts at $88.

2U-High CompactPCI Enclosure Includes A 130-W Power Supply
One Stop Systems Inc.
(760) 745-9883; fax (760) 745-9824; www.onestopsystems.com

A 2U-high CompactPCI enclosure features rear I/O. This low-profile, space-efficient enclosure includes a 6U four-slot horizontally mounted backplane. It also boasts a 130-W power supply and cooling fans. A typical configuration for datacom applications includes a single-slot system CPU board and three peripheral CPU boards.

Rear I/O enables all cabling to be routed through the rear of the enclosure, permitting easy servicing for front boards. The backplane has a left-hand system with power lugs on the rear. The power-supply voltage outputs are 5 V at 14 A, 3.3 V at 16 A, 12 V at 1.5 A, and −12 V at 1.5 A. The device includes overvoltage, overload, and short-circuit protection. Three cooling fans provide side-to-side ventilation. An on/off switch is located on the rear panel. The enclosure is constructed of sturdy, lightweight aluminum with rackmount ears for mounting in a 19-in. rack. The front panel measures 3.5 by 4 in. Available now, the enclosure costs $925.

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