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ARMing Linux—Hard Hat Linux 2.0 adds ARM7 and ARM9 support to a long list of supported architectures. Board support packages are included for the CM720T and CM920T evaluation boards. More details can be found at www.mvista.com.

Java Processor Looks Like SRAM—Add Java acceleration by placing Nazomi's new JA108 Universal Java Accelerator chip between the host processor and memory. The chip provides transparent access to memory that's not related to Java applications, allowing host applications and the OS to run normally.

The JA108 handles Java program execution using a built-in Java execution engine. The chip has direct access to memory, making transparent program execution a snap. But the host processor must provide access to peripherals because these interfaces aren't available via memory.

The JA108 is available for $5.59 in 10K quantities. More information is available at www.nazomi.com.

8-Bit Web Server—Zilog has released its $799 eZ80 Web server development kit. It includes Web-based clients and servers for a range of services such as HTTP and SMTP. The accompanying evaluation board includes 1-Mbyte SRAM, 1-Mbyte flash memory, and a 10BaseT interface. The 50-MHz eZ80 has a 16-Mbyte address space and is priced at $11. For details, go to www.zilog.com.

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