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I2C Speed Controller Drives 12-Vdc Fans

Designed for controlling 12-Vdc fans, the SmartFan Vortex speed controller operates over an I2C interface and can control and monitor tach pulses from as many as four fans with a maximum current rating of 5A at 55ºC or less. Measuring 1.5" X 5", the controller accepts fan speed commands, including on/off, and provides individual pass/fail fan status via the I2C interface. To control fan speed based on temperature, the interface provides temperature readings from an on-board thermistor and EEPROM. Voltage to the fans is varied using a current mode buck control circuit. Available now, price for the Vortex starts at $36.90 each/200. Special and custom configurations are also available. CONTROL RESOURCES INC., Littleton, MA. (978) 486-4160.


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