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High-Speed Cabling SystemOffers Reliable Wire Termination
The HPM-5 2-mm high-speed cab-ling system module features a slightly inductive contact and reliable wire termination. Application-specific features include cable-to-board and cable-to-backplane interfaces.

The HPM-5 cable assemblies are fully compatible with backplane systems that are IEC 1076-4-101 and IEC 917 compliant. The module is available in 1-by-5 and 1-by-5+2 configurations. The 1-by-5+2 configuration provides ground tabs to mate with optional side grounding pins in the mating header. Configurations are stackable to 25-by-5 and available with shielded backshells. Crosstalk and reflections are minimized since each 1-by-5 wafer has its own shield that comes within 0.010 in. of the pin header floor.

Pricing of the HPM-5 begins at $15.00 for a double-ended (1-by-5) assembly using standard cable.

Meritec, 1359 West Jackson St., P.O. Box 8003, Painesville, OH 44077; (888) 637-4832; fax (440) 354-0509; Internet:

Series Of BNC Connectors Suits Various Applications
The SNS59HECBNC connector is designed for CommScope series F59HEC-2 headend cable or Times Fiber Communications series 02240V/02441V headend cables. The SNS59-HECBNCB connector is designed for applications using the Belden series 1505A Serial Digital Video cable or 9167 Broadband Headend cables.

Both connectors are based on the company's patented Snap-N-Seal technology. Also, both incorporate the precision coaxial contacts of a BNC male plug. Both are designed to meet the requirements of high-bandwidth headend equipment. The BNC portion of the connectors is designed to meet MIL Spec C-39012 with 75-Ω characteristic impedance. It features an integral silver-plated contact. The design of the cable interface enables true 360° compression with superior RF shielding performance of −65 dB and high-frequency return loss of −30 dB up to 1 GHz.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Thomas & Betts Corp., 8155 T&B Blvd., Memphis, TN 38125; (901) 252-5000; www.tnb.com.

PC CardBus Connector Family Enables Greater Design Flexibility
The IC13 series of PC CardBus connectors offers a low above-board profile. No screw heads protrude above the connector when fully mounted. According to the company, these connectors save board space and enhance design flexibility.

The termination is made with a flexible circuit which connects to a Zero Insertion Force connector, the DF-16-895-0.3 SHW. This configuration allows the connectors to be mounted at an angle or away from the main PC board. Also, the connectors may be added to or removed from the PC board after all other components are soldered in place. Ejection of the PCMCIA Standard card is at two points, avoiding rotation and possibly jamming of the inserted card. Ground contacts at 10 points and soldered ground brackets assure continuity of ground circuit with the board.

According to the company, the IC13 series is suited for notebooks, PDAs, cameras, industrial equipment, and all devices requiring use of PCMCIA-standard memory cards. In 1000-unit quantities, the connectors cost $15.00 each.

Hirose Electric Inc., 2688 Westhills Ct., Simi Valley, CA 93065; (805) 522-7958; fax (805) 522-3217; www.hirose.com.

Multiport Filtered Connectors Fit 10/100BaseT Switch Applications
The PulseJack Harmonic family of multiport RJ-45 connectors features integrated magnetics. According to the company, the patented connectors cut assembly costs for manufacturers of high-density hubs and switches by reducing the overall component count.

The two-tier-stacked line of 8-, 12-, and 16-port connectors integrate magnetics to provide the isolation and EMI suppression necessary for 10/100BaseT computer and telecommunications networks. The high component density solution exceeds the IEEE-802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards. The 2-by-4 8-port, 2-by-6 12-port, and 2-by-8 16-port connector modules feature patented InterLock base construction to minimize the stresses of human handling of subcomponents. The connector also meets the 350-µH minimum open circuit inductance standard with 8-mA bias.

In 100,000-unit quantities, the PulseJack Harmonica connector series is priced at $1.60 per port.

Pulse, 12220 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128; (858) 674-8100; fax (858) 674-8262; www.pulseeng.com.

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