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Connector Plugs Mate To MIL-C-5105-Style Threaded Receptacles
Amphenol Corp.
(607) 563-5335; fax (607) 563-5157; www.amphenol-industrial.com

Members of the SWIFTMATE Connector series mate to the most popular sizes and configurations of MIL-C-5105-style threaded receptacles with just a simple push of the connector plug. According to the company, this series provides an economical solution for a wide range of industrial applications, including power, signal, process control and instrumentation, machine tools, and communication systems.

These devices enable users of older, threaded-style MIL-C-5105-style connectors to benefit from the rapid mating feature while maintaining compatibility with equipment already in the field. The connectors require no repetitive tuning or safety-wiring of coupling rings. They also eliminate potential cross-threading. Connectors are available in shell sizes 14S through 24, in straight or right-angle versions, and in the most popular insert layouts from one to 24 contacts. Pricing begins at $6.00 each in 100-unit quantities.

Inverted PC Board Plug Provides Flying Connector Capability
Wieland Electric Inc.
(800) WIELAND; fax (910) 259-3691; www.wielandinc.com

The SUFK series pc-board connector features inverted contacts. Instead of the typical configuration of the female plug and male header, the SUFK incorporates a male contact in the plug half. This device mates with either the standard female plug for a "flying connector," or with the board-mount 8213/BL series.

The SUFK Series pc-board plug is available in 5.08-mm spacings in two to 24 poles. It will accept up to 12 AWG wire. Each plug is constructed of a polyamide 6.6, UL 94 V-O approved material for safety. The connectors are rated at 300 V and 12 A. They feature UL, CSA, and VDE approval. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Test Socket Functions For The BGA Version Of The Mobile Pentium III
Aries Electronics Inc.
(908) 996-6841; fax (908) 996-3891; www.arieselec.com

The 495-lead BallNest socket is designed to be surface-mounted onto the pc-board pads of the customer's motherboard. This test socket functions for the BGA version of the Mobile Pentium III Processor.

The test socket features beryllium-copper contacts plated with 200-µin. 90/10 tin/lead over nickel. The socket is terminated in 90/10 lead/tin solderballs on the bottom. The insulator, lid, and base are fabricated from UL94V-0-rated FR-4 material. The BGA test socket costs $138.60 each in quantities under 25 pieces.

Pressure Connectors Are Available In Many Configurations And Materials
Teledyne Electronic Technologies
(800) 344-4334; www.teledyneinterconnect.com

Custom miniature high-density pressure connectors are now available in a wide variety of configurations and materials. According to the company, these connectors are suited for use in price-sensitive commercial products, including cell phones, "micro" disc drives, digital cameras, PDAs, and medical devices.

The low-profile connectors consist of one robust piece. They deliver a solid gas-tight interface for dependable performance. The devices are available in both SMT and solderless versions. Contact pitch can be specified down to 1.0 mm. Volume pricing is as low as $0.01 per contact.

Semi-Rigid Cables Offer Shielding And Insertion Loss Characteristics
(800) 223-2629; www.micro-coax.com

Semi-rigid cables offer outstanding shielding and insertion loss characteristics. According to the company, the de-sign of the cables improves system performance and increases talk time. The cables are suited for transmitting amplified signals across pc boards used in cellular phones and other wireless devices.

The semi-rigid cables feature tin-plated copper for improved solderability. They employ a chemical corrosion inhibitor that bonds to the copper. This provides an effective barrier to corrosion without the loss of solderability. "LL" dielectrics made from expanded PTFE are mechanically stable under temperature extremes. Seventy-four standard rigid cables are offered, including 26 QPL models. Sizes vary from 0.008 to 0.750 in., and impedance ranges from 5 to 125 Ω. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Right-Angle Connectors Mate With PC-Board And Card-Mounted Jacks
RF Industries
(800) 233-1728; fax (858) 549-6345; www.rfindustries.com

Members of a subminiature coaxial cable line are designed for use in cellular devices where board and chassis space is limited. These right-angle connectors mate with pc-board and card-mounted jacks. The RMC-6010-A is available for RG-178/U and the RMC-6010-B is designed for use with RG-174/U, RG-188/U, and RG-316/U cables. The connector bodies are made of nickel-plated, machined brass. While the contacts are gold-plated, the insulation is Teflon. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Serial Data Connector Suits Mass-Storage Applications
Circuit Assembly Corp.
(949) 855-7887; fax (949) 855-4298; www.circuitassembly.com

The High Speed Serial Data Connector (HSSDC) uses Fibre Channel technology for high-speed data transfers. The connector is suited for use in high-performance mass-storage applications. The connector is a shielded cable-mount connector, transmitting one bit at a time. The device exceeds 1 Gbit/s and provides increased bandwidth over long distances. The ferrule and fully shielded enclosure provides greater EMI protection. The connector is available with two sizes of ferrule to accommodate 22-30 AWG cable. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Circular Connector Features Integral Strain Relief Fittingpc board
(800) 456-9012; fax (303) 680-5344; www.sealconusa.com

The Liquid Tight M 23 Circular Connector offers a superior pin and socket system combined with an integral strain relief fitting. The brass socket features an integrated gold-plated spring, assuring perfect contact between the pin and socket. In addition, the soldering cup is tin plated to make soldering easier. A full range of signal and power connectors, including panel-mounted snap elbows, are available. According to the company, the circular connectors are popular with machine tool builders for drive and stepping motors as well as bus systems. Signal connectors are available with six to 19 pins. Power connectors are available with six and eight pins. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

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