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Surface-Mountable Terminal Blocks Maximize Production Efficiencies
Available in standard inch or metric 3.5-mm spacing, high-density surface mount (SMT) terminal blocks maximize wire-to-board connection density. These new terminal blocks also enhance production efficiencies by allowing process compatibility with any of today's SMT solder processes. As a result, expensive, secondary solder operations are no longer necessary.

Standard screw fasteners, with optional through-hole pin mounting, hold the terminal block securely to the pc board. This creates a dependable interface and eliminates the transfer of stress through solder joints. Preferences include custom and standard marking, custom colors, selective contact loading, and tube packaging.

Contact the manufacturer for pricing information.

PCD Inc., 2 Technology Dr., Peabody MA 01960; (978) 532-8800, ext. 284; fax (978) 532-6800; www.cpdinc.com.

Signal Density Improved By Single-Ended Cordsets And Receptacles
A new line of microchange eight-pole dc single-ended corsets and male and female receptacles has just been added to the microchange m12 family. Their compact design features a greater density of signals within industry-standard m12 single-ended cordsets and receptacles.

The microchange eight-pole series includes straight and 90° molded single-ended cordsets and male and female receptacles. They're designed for use with safety light curtains, limit switches, servomotor encoders, and instrumentation. In addition, they're well suited for industrial automation, packaging, and machine tool applications.

These cordsets and receptacles accommodate smaller eight-conductor, 22-gauge wiring for tighter cable routing and cleaner dressing. Each molded cordset is supplied with a PUR cable jacket. Also, all cordsets feature NEMA 6P and IP 68 protection ratings.

Receptacles are priced at $18 to $22 list each. Single-ended corsets range from $28 to $42 list each.

Woodhead Connectivity N.A., 3411 Woodhead Dr., Northbrook, IL 60062; (847) 272-7990; fax (847) 272-8133; Internet: www.woodheadconnectivity.com.

Interfaces Offer PCMCIA And Compact-Flash Features
The PCMT/PCMS series header and socket was designed for PCMCIA compatibility. As a result, the hot-pluggable polarization configurations of its 68 pins meet the PCMCIA specification. Headers used in this system accept card lengths of 1 to 3 in., and boards that are either 0.031 or 0.062 in.

For compact-flash compatibility, there is the CFT/CFS line. This series comes with 50 pins in the same hot-pluggable polarization configurations as the compact-flash standard. It features headers capable of accepting a 2-in. card length, and either 0.031- or 0.062-in. boards.

Both systems are available with standard and elevated profiles. Solder locks align the headers to the board and provide additional mechanical strength after the soldering process.

Pricing begins at $0.08 to $0.10 per mated line.

Samtec Inc., P.O. Box 1147, New Albany, IN 47151; (800) SAMTEC-9, (812) 944-6733; fax (812) 948-5047; www.samtec.com.

Test Socket Features Integrated Heatsink For Cavity-Down QFPs
A new line of high-frequency test sockets has been developed for use with cavity-down quad flat packs (QFPs). The sockets contain a topsided heatsink that rests on the QFP's heat spreader to significantly increase heat dissipation away from the QFP device.

Depending upon application needs, the heatsink can be furnished in aluminum or copper. It can also be supplied with cooling fins, or with a flat-top surface for users who wish to add an additional heatsink.

Another feature of the socket is that it contains microstrip contacts, each of which provides just 0.01 nH self-inductance. In addition, the sockets exhibit 10-GHz bandwidth at 1.0 dB at temperatures from −55°C to 155°C. Typical life cycles for the contacts are 500,000 insertions and withdrawals, with no performance loss.

The sockets are available for QFPs—as well as other packages with topsided heat spreaders—with up to 208 leads. Pricing for a heatsink RF test socket with up to 48 leads is $1695 in 5-piece quantities.

Aries Electronics Inc., P.O. Box 130, Frenchtown, NJ 08825; (908) 996-6841; fax (908) 996-3891; www.arieselec.com.

PC/104 Connectors Combined For Lower Cost And Better Alignment
The 1184C-104G2 is a PC/104 connector that combines both the 40 and 64 positions into one device. This reduces costs and improves alignment between these industry-standard J1 and J2 connectors. Offered in nonstackthrough and stackthrough configurations, these connectors come available with integrated solder and high-temperature plastic. Such features allow for reflow soldering of all pins at once using standard surface-mount reflow processes.

Pricing for the 1184C-104G2 is $3.49 each in large quantities.

Comm Con Connectors Inc., 1848 Evergreen St., Duarte, CA 91010; (626) 301-4200; fax (626) 301-4212; www.commcon.com.

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