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Cables Target Copper Links At 500-Mbyte To 6-Gbyte Bandwidths
Members of the SKEWCLEAR Plus family of cables target copper InfiBand links running at 500 Mbytes through 6-Gbyte bandwidths. This shielded differential cable technology addresses low skew, low crosstalk, minimum termination reflections, and low assembly cost.

The constructions are available in 2-, 8-, 12-, and 24-pair 100-Ω differential twinax versions with a range of awg sizes depending on link length. The 100-Ω shielded parallel pairs have in-pair skew of less than 4 ps/ft and pair-pair skew of less than 13 ps/ft. Near-end crosstalk is typically greater than 55 dB at 1 GHz. The cables use a preprogrammed 1.5-in. laminate section, applied anywhere along the cable length to space the data pairs on a controlled pitch. The pairs are then automatically aligned with the center line of the connector contacts.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Amphenol Spectra-Strip, 720 Sherman Ave., Hamden, CT 06514; (203) 287-7455; fax (203) 281-5872; www.spectra-strip.com.

Power Connector Meets DIN 41612 Specifications
The H11 Half power connector offers five or six pins rated at 20 A each. Based on the DIN 41612 specifications, its mounting configuration is the same as the Half B and C series DIN. Supplied with silver or tinned contacts, the connector can be placed in the P Zero position in VME configuration. The female connector is available with faston terminations. Right-angle solder terminations or faston pins are available with the male connector. A premating contact can be placed in any position. Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

2E SysCom Inc., 123 Felton St., Waltham, MA 02453; (781) 642-8759; fax (781) 642-6818; www.2esyscom.com.

Interconnect System Offers 42% Increase In Signals/Linear Inch
The XCELL high-speed/high-density interconnect system offers a 42% increase in signals/linear inch and signal rise times as fast as 100 ns. The rugged design of this device exceeds the 40-year telecom reliability standards.

Available in a 6- by 6-cell modular configuration, the device also has a 4- by 4-cell version to accommodate 0.800-in. card pitch applications. Each 6-by-6 module contains 144 signal contacts and 36 ground contacts for a total of 180 contacts. A compliant pin attachment connects each module to a pc board and eliminates the need for solder terminations. XCELL can accommodate advanced analog and digital systems with data rates up to 2.5 Gbits/s.

This device meets Bellcore GR-1217 standards. Its construction is comprised of modules dedicated to handle data signals, power and guidance, polarization, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) ground. A multifunction module incorporates a guide pin, a polarization key, and an electrostatic discharge clip. Individual cards can be hot-swapped as a result of six levels of contact sequencing between the ground and signal contacts. The contact leads offer a durability of 100 mating cycles and a contact resistance of less than 15 mΩ.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Winchester/Retconn, 400 Park Rd., Watertown, CT 06795-0500; (860) 945-5000; fax (860) 945-5191; www.litton-wed.com.

Micro-Cable Assemblies Suit In-Cabinet Jumper Applications
The SureFlex micro-cable assemblies are constructed with HELIAX Micro-Cable, which their manufacturer calls the world's smallest continuous-run corrugated RF cable. With 3.6- to 5.7-mm diameters, these assemblies fit in-cabinet jumper applications for next-generation wireless and broadband systems, and technologies including EDGE, WCDMA, and CDMA2000.

Providing the lowest attenuation of any flexible coaxial cable with the same bend radius, the assemblies are designed to meet next-generation radio requirements. The HELIAX Micro-Cable is hand-conformable, holding its shape and performance after repeated bending. To provide RF shielding, the assemblies use a corrugated solid copper outer conductor.

The SureFlex connector attachment process features soldered inner and outer conductors to provide electrical stability and prevent water ingress when the assemblies are flexed or moved. The assemblies have zero-halogen content and flame-retardant indoor/outdoor jackets.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Andrew Corp., 10500 W. 153rd St., Orland Park, IL 60462; (800) 255-1479; www.andrew.com.

System Uses MT Interface For Smooth Transition From PC Board
The High Density Backplane MT is suited for connecting backplanes and cross-connect systems in computing equipment and telecommunications equipment, including transmitters, switches, multiplexers, and demultiplexers. Using an MT interface, it provides a smooth transition from pc-board components to the backplane.

Featuring a blind-mate interface, the device enables easy insertion, removal, and exchange of the daughter card without disrupting the I/O ports or associated cabling. It meets the Telcordia GR-1435-CORE specifications. A 6-mm backplane fiber exit and a 14.8-mm maximum height are featured. The device provides compatibility with 20-mm card spacing and European ETSI rack standards.

The connector system uses a single housing that can contain up to four MT ferrules configurable for multimode or single-mode ribbon fiber. Easy insertion of individually terminated MT ferrules is enabled by RJ-45 mechanical latching. A patented dual shutter design offers dust and eye-safety protection.

In 1000- to 5000-unit quantities, the 48-port backplane interconnect system costs $7.50 per port.

Molex Inc., 2222 Wellington Ct., Lisle, IL 60532; (630) 969-4550; fax (630) 969-1352; www.molex.com.

68-Pin PLCC-To-PGA Adapter Eliminates Need For Board Rework
The 68-pin PLCC-to-PGA Correct-A-Chip adapter enables boards designed for the 87C196 PGA device and other obsolete 68-pin PGA ICs to utilize new, higher performance PLCC-packaged components. This adapter eliminates the need for board rework or redesign. The device adapts 68-pin PLCC chips with die-flipped (mirror-imaged) packages to the old PGA package.

The designer can hand-solder or reflow-solder the PLCC chip to the top of the adapter. This completed assembly can then be soldered onto the pc board or inserted into a standard socket. Alternatively, the company provides a complete PLCC-to-adapter mounting service.

The Correct-A-Chip adapter offers a standard commercial temperature range of −55°C to 105°C. The device's pins are hardened brass alloy with tin-lead plating.

The device costs $38.60 each in 100-piece quantities.

Aries Electronics Inc., P.O. Box 130, Frenchtown, NJ 08825; (908) 996-6841; fax (908) 996-3891; www.arieselec.com.

7-16 DIN Series Coaxial Connectors Suit Low-Loss Cable Applications
The RFD-1604-2L2 male crimp and RFD-1631-2L2 female crimp 7-16 DIN coaxial connectors are suited for use with LMR-600 and CSW600R low-loss cables. Both of the connectors feature silver-plated bodies and contacts. Also, Teflon insulation is included in both devices. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

RF Connectors, 7610 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126-4202; (800) 233-1728; fax (858) 549-6345; www.rfindustries.com.

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