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JPEG 2000 Board Supports Real Time Video

Available in both PMC and PCI form factors, the Orion dual-channel video board relies on two JPEG 2000 engines to support full-frame encoding of standard PAL or NTSC composite video in real time. The board accepts up to 10 single-ended or four differential analog PAL or NTSC video inputs, two of which are selectable for simultaneous JPEG 2000 compression. In output mode, it receives one or two data streams via the 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus, decompresses them, and outputs the resulting one or two signals via the 20-way MDR sockets located on the board’s front panel. The compressed video streams can be stored locally or distributed over a network. Software support includes drivers for PowerPC-based Linux and Windows operating systems, with options available for other platforms. A low-level driver and support library provides a set of C functions. Pricing for the PMC and PCI boards start at $2,100 and $1,750, respectively. For more details, contact Jerri-Lynne Klassen at CURTISS-WRIGHT CONTROLS EMBEDDED COMPUTING, Ontario, Canada. (613) 254-5112.


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