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JTAG Debugger/Programmer Breaks Price Barriers

Predicting lower boundary-scan test costs, the J-Scan Version 1.0 debug and programming software facilitates early test development, thereby shortening the development cycle and prototyping process. The tool displays what all the pins in a BGA device are doing in real time on a PC and can manually force the pins to any logic state via a point and click of the mouse. If the CPU is not available, users can program the flash memory by setting up the signals (address, data, and enables), selecting a data file, and pressing the program button. The application comes in a kit that includes a USB 2.0 cable, demo board, power supply, and a tutorial manual. Utilities for programming FPGAs and CPLDs are also available. The J-Scan manual is written in a tutorial style that teaches the fundamentals of J-Scan, how to simulate faults, and the fundamentals of boundary scan. Price is $1,895. MACRAIGOR SYSTEMS LLC, Brookline Village, MA. (617) 739-8693.


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