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LED Modules Supply Cool, Bright Illumination
LEDtronics Inc.
(800) 579-4875; www.ledtronics.com

LED Light Strip Modules provide brilliant, focused, energy-efficient lighting for applications such as emergency lighting, showcase cabinet lighting, and task lighting. In task-light applications, the devices improve worker well-being, increase workplace productivity, and optimize energy usage by directing light where it is needed, as opposed to an overhead lighting fixture. The light strips provide cool operation, low power draw, wavelength-specific light output (no UV generation), and a long life span. These features will appeal to museum curators, antiquarians, and others responsible for the microclimates necessary for preservation.

When configured with the optional low-voltage disconnect battery protection circuit, the LED Light Strips can also play an integral role in emergency lighting and workplace safety. With a power draw of just 0.525 to 0.7 mA, the devices run on 12-V systems like solar-cell charged batteries. Advanced optical grade epoxy is used to produce illumination that is bright and uniform. Available colors include green (10,000 mcd), white (6000 mcd), blue (3000 mcd), yellow (5500 mcd), red (3500 mcd), and orange (6500 mcd).

The LED Light Strip Modules are priced from $194 to $348 each, depending on length of strip and the LED color and size.

Flexible Light Pipes Boast Rectangular Lens Cap
Bivar Inc.
(949) 951-8808; www.bivar.com

Members of the Flexible Light Pipe FLP-R1 series feature a rectangular lens cap assembly in through-hole and surface-mount configurations for optimum design flexibility. The FLP-R1 can extend LED-based lighting to display and indicator panels to reach up to 328.0 ft. away. The devices fit CompactPCI, industrial control, automotive, medical, datacom/telecom, and mobile electronics applications.

The design incorporates highly transmissive optical grade materials and the company's patent-pending bonding technology to create a monolithic structure of lens and plastic optical fiber (POF). Clad in flame-retardant UL-rated 94V-0 material, the flexible tubing can extend to reach virtually any LED location on the pc board. This configuration eliminates the need for expensive daughter cards and hard-wired front-panel LEDs. Additional features include a clean white look for aesthetic uniformity and high color contrast with a broad 180° viewing angle.

A wide variety of lens shapes, sizes, and colors are available. Super-bright colors include red, green, blue, yellow, and amber. Ultra-bright colors include blue, turquoise, and green. High-efficiency red versions are available in custom colors and sizes upon request. In production quantities, the FLP-R1 devices typically cost less than $1.00 each.

LEDs Feature A 4-mm Elliptical Package
Marktech Optoelectronics
(800) 984-5337; www.marktechopto.com

The LO484 series LEDs are being offered with an elliptical pattern and a 110° by 45° radiation pattern. These low-cost 4-mm LEDs feature an industry-standard package. Their wide viewing angle makes them ideal for indoor full-color signs, LCD backlighting, and instrumentation.

The devices use AlGaInP and GaN technologies to provide superior brightness over the competition's standard offerings. The elliptical package has a tinted diffused lens with stand-offs. It's available in red, green, blue, yellow, and orange. Additional uses for include portable equipment, wireless communications, variable message signs, and RGB applications, as well as general illumination.

In 5000-unit quantities, the LO484 series LEDs cost between $0.20 and $0.65, based on color.

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