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LEDs Enable Visual Confirmation Of Data Traffic And Connectivity
LEDtronics Inc.
(800) 579-4875; www.ledtronics.com

Members of a line of pc-board LED indicators for RJ45 ports feature a slim profile. The devices enable visual confirmation of data traffic and network connectivity. They also ensure signal integrity on data/telecommunication equipment such as Ethernet hubs, bridges, routers, and modems.

According to the company, the black UL940V0-compliant housing takes up minimal space. Also, coplanar design facilitates alignment and arrayed configurations. An advanced optical-grade epoxy produces bright and smooth illumination. While diffused lenses are standard, clear lenses are available. Optional configurations include one LED or two LEDs. Rectangular and domed shapes are available. Domed indicators measure 3 mm (T1). Rectangular indicators are available with measurements of 1.8 by 3.8 mm or 2 by 5 mm. While single-colored LEDs are offered in red, green, and yellow, bi-colored combinations include red/green and yellow/green. Depending upon factory approval, orange and pure green may be ordered for either configuration.

The RJ45 pc-board LEDs are available now. In 1000-unit quantities, they cost between $0.55 and $0.88 each, depending on the LED color and size.

Lamp Displays Bright, High-Quality Pictures With Wide Viewing Angles
Osram Sylvania Corp.
(978) 777-1900; fax (978) 750-2962; www.sylvania.com

The Planon lamp is a light source capable of displaying high-quality pictures with wide viewing and illumination angles. It features constant luminance from center to edge. The Planon boasts an extremely long lamp life of up to 100,000 hours. Measuring less than 10 mm thick, this lamp is mercury-free. This feature eliminates warm-up time. Also, the output is virtually independent of ambient temperature.

The Planon source generates light using a xenon excimer discharge. When a suitable voltage is applied to the electrode system of the discharge lamp, xenon gas is excited in the lamp cavity. When the excimers decay, short-wave ultraviolet radiation is generated and converted into visible light by a phosphor coating. Ultraviolet photon formation is achieved by adding an electrically insulating barrier over the electrodes and creating special voltage-input patterns. According to the company, the Planon enables the improvement of existing systems with regard to luminance and service life.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

OEM Lamp And Bulb Line Includes Standard And Custom Configurations
Shogyo International Corp.
(516) 349-5200; fax (516) 349-7744; www.shogyo.com

An extensive variety of standard and custom-design OEM lamps and bulbs are offered. Incandescent lamps range from 1.15 V dc to 240 V ac. Available base models include midget, sub-midget, and miniature-sized bases, including flanged, grooved, screw, bayonet, and bi-pin. Single/double contact bayonet/prefocus bases are also offered. Wire terminals are featured.

Candelabra, intermediate, and knurled-screw bases are available. Additional base styles include slide and wedge. Standard voltage lamps are available from 3 to 110 W. Available base styles for standard voltage lamps include single/double contact, candelabra, intermediate, medium, long shell medium, disc, spring contact, and prefocus bases. Neon lamps are offered from 1/25 to 1/2 W. Available base styles for these lamps include wire terminal, single/double contact bayonet, flanged, and candelabra screw bases. Also, fluorescent lamps are offered from 4 to 110 W. Decorative colors include daylight, white, warm, and cool white colors. Xenon flash tubes are also available. A comprehensive selection of styles, sizes, shapes, filament shapes, and terminals are offered.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Halogen Lamp Holders Designed To Withstand Up To 250°C
Gilway Technical Lamp
(781) 935-4442; fax (781) 938-5867; www.gilway.com

A full line of halogen lamp holders is offered in a variety of constructions and sizes. These devices are constructed with ceramic bases that can withstand up to 250°C. They are designed for use with lamps rated at 50 W or above.

Heat-resistant phenolic bases are offered for use with lamps rated at 35 W or less. The holders feature spring-loaded contacts. They suit lamps from 25 to 250 V with pin spacings of 4.0, 5.3, 6.35, and 9.5 mm. These holders come in styles that accommodate nearly any lamp positioning design. They're offered with back leads, side or bottom leads, or no leads at all. Specification- and commercial-grade holders are available with different wire types and lengths. Various insulations and connectors are available to meet customer requirements.

The lamp holders are priced from $1.00 each, depending upon construction, size, and quantity.

LEDs Deliver Twice The Brightness Of Conventional Bullet-Type LEDs
Omron Electronics LLC
(800) 55-OMRON; fax (847) 843-8081; www.info.omron.com

The Double Reflection (DR) LED directs all light forward in a consistent, intense light beam. According to the company, this LED uses proprietary optical technology to deliver at least twice the brightness of conventional bullet-type LEDs. It also lowers power consumption and energy costs. In a high-mounted automobile brake light, 20 DR LEDs deliver as much as 40 conventional LEDs. These devices also function for solar-powered roadway center-line lighting, perimeter guardrail lighting, commercial exit lighting, and battery backup lighting.

Optionally, the reflective surface within the LED can be designed asymmetrically to reflect light in a direction other than straight ahead. By focusing beams into a concentrated beam, a traffic signal can deliver as much brightness as 300 conventional LEDs while using only 100 DR LEDs. Applications for DR LEDs include automotive, traffic signals, perimeter lighting, and commercial lighting. In these applications, the devices achieve greater energy savings while increasing light intensity.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Blue And White LED Adds Visual Effect In Audio And Video Applications
Kingbright Corp.
(909) 468-0500; fax (909) 468-0505; www.kingbright.com

A blue and white LED adds visual impact in audio and video applications. This 20-segment bar graph illuminates the cool and soft lunar white light and the blue light to the viewer. The contrasting black face color enhances the blue and white light output.

According to the company, this configuration makes the blue and white segments stand out from the environment in any outdoor application. Suitable applications include audio and video, consumer electronics, and panel instrumentation.

For information on pricing and availability, contact the company.

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