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Latch And Flip-Flop Include Series Resistors On Their Outputs

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Both the 74LVTH162373, a transparent latch, and the 74LVTH162374, a D-type flip-flop, are low-voltage, 16-bit devices featuring tri-state outputs and 25 ohm series resistors on their outputs. This addition is claimed to provide an easy socket replacement when transitioning from 5V ABT to 3V systems. Additionally, using series resistors on the outputs reduces line noise in applications such as memory and clock drivers as well as bus transceivers/transmitters, and makes external termination resistors unnecessary while reducing over- and undershoot. Both devices are said to be ideal for off-board driving applications such as backplanes, memory arrays, telecom switches and networking applications. The devices feature 5V tolerant inputs and outputs that allow interfacing to 5Vand/or 3.3V devices. They also feature latch-up performance that exceeds 500 mA and power up/down high impedance inputs and outputs that allow live insertion and extraction. The devices are available in 48-lead SSOP and TSSOP JEDEC packages and are priced at $1.05 each/1,000.

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