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Low-Power Module Suits Portable And Remote Monitoring Systems

Battery-operated, remote monitoring systems must be frugal with their power supply. Z-World's LP3500 Fox module consumes only 20 mA running at full speed and 100 µA in power-save mode.

The LP3500 is based on the low-EMI Rabbit 3000 microprocessor. With a top speed of 7.4 MHz, it supports up to 512k each of flash memory and SRAM. It includes a range of digital, analog, pulse-width modulation, relay, and serial ports.

There are two dedicated function ports for serial flash cards, keypad/display, and other devices. The LP3500 can be taken out of power-save mode by an internal timer, an RS-232 signal, or an external input. It can power down in-dividual peripherals.

The LP3500 costs $149 in single quantities. The development kit, including Dynamic C SE development software and a demo board, is $150.

ZWorld Inc., (530) 757-3737; www.zworld.com.

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