Low-Power Motherboard Speeds Small Embedded Appliance Design

Low-Power Motherboard Speeds Small Embedded Appliance Design

To help accelerate development of robust, energy-saving ARM-based small-form-factor (SFF) designs, Kontron developed a low-power embedded motherboard for the extended temperature range (−40 to 85°C). The KTAM33874/pITX, which integrates TI’s Sitara 3874 processor, offers tablet-PC-class performance as well as a number of standard and embedded computing interfaces. Pico-ITX compliance leads to more cost-efficient SFF embedded appliances based on a standardized form factor. The 100- by 72-mm board is based on the ARM Cortex A8 single-core processor. It features 3D graphic acceleration and supports up to two independent displays (1080p connected via HDMI 1.3a and 24-bit dual-channel LVDS). The board contains up to 16 Gbytes of NAND flash memory plus a microSD slot. Interfaces include one SATA, one mSATA, two Fast Ethernet (with an optional switch), two CAN bus, and a SIM card slot for MiniPCIe modem cards. Peripherals can take advantage of five USB 2.0 slots and either two RS-232 slots or one RS-435 slot. The KTAM33874/pITX supports Linux, Android, and Windows WEC7.


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