Electronic Design

MOSFETs Log On As Market's Smallest

Addressing ever-shrinking portable devices, the PMZxxx family of small signal MOSFETs debuts in one of the smallest packages to available, the SOT883 measuring 1 mm x 0.6 mm x 0.5 mm. Freeing up more board space, the devices have no leads. Other features include on-resistance values of less than 0.65 Ohms at 2.5V, turn on times between 12 ns to16 ns, and turn-off times between 17 ns to 24 ns. The MOSFET family in SOT883 packages includes the PMZ760SN, PMZ390UN, PMZ250UN, PMZ270XN, and PMZ350XN. Pricing starts at $0.20 each/10,000. NXP SEMICONDUCTORS, USA. (800) 447-1500.


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