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Motors/Motion Controls

Stepping-Motor Motion Controller Operates At 5 Mpulses/s
The MC2500 motion controller for stepping motors boasts a 5-Mpulse/s programmable pulse and direction output. Its user-selectable profiling modes include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing. Multiple breakpoints per axis offer precise sequencing and control of events by the application program. It also accepts feedback from an incremental encoder, up to 5 Mcounts/s, or from an absolute encoder or resolver, up to 160 Mcounts/s.

Asymmetric acceleration and deceleration are featured, along with velocity and acceleration changes on-the-fly, trace capabilities for system performance checks and diagnostics, and on-the-fly stall detection. Input signals include two limit switches (one for each direction of travel), a home indicator, and a general-purpose programmable input per axis. One general-purpose programmable output signal also is provided per axis.

Engineering samples are available. Prices start at $46 in OEM quantities.

Performance Motion Devices Inc., 12 Waltham St., Lexington, MA 02421; (781) 674-9860;

Four-Axis Stepper-Motor Controller Features Linear Interpolation
The NPMC-5023-4ISA board uses the PCL-5023 high-speed pulse generator chip to make it easier for designers to control stepper motors. This four-axis device includes an ISA bus, S curve ramp up and ramp down, encoder feedback inputs, and linear interpolation. It can handle 4.9 million pps for microstepping. Windows-capable software is included as well for quick setup and testing. According to its manufacturer, it's designed for the semiconductor and medical instrument industries.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd., 1047 Norwood St., Ste. B, Radford, VA 24141; (540) 633-1677; fax (540) 633-1674; Internet:

Space-Rated Motor Drive Has 3% Linearity And 5% Accuracy
The Space-520, a space-rated motor drive in the PWR-82520R family, can drive three-phase brushless dc motors. Its three current ratings—1, 3, and 10 A—are all rated at 100 V. This self-contained torque controller has command amplifiers, commutation control, a current-sense amplifier, and a power-MOSFET drive stage. Its four-quadrant complementary control provides 3% current linearity and 5% current regulating accuracy while maintaining holding torque over the input range, even at zero commanded input.

Its adjustable, internal PWM can switch from 10 to 100 kHz for operation with low-inductance motors. The three-phase drive is commutated from Hall sensors located in the motor. The tachometer signal also is derived from the Hall sensors. Its gate drive is optimized for radiation performance and noise immunity while providing a controlled signal to the rad-hard MOSFET output stage. This control is optimized for minimal quiescent power through programmable power supplies.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Data Device Corp., 105 Wilbur Pl., Bohemia, NY 11716-2482; (631) 567-5600, ext. 7677;

Amplifier-Motor Pair Minimizes Design Effort And Cuts Design Time
Designers can use an amplifier-motor combination to reduce engineering time and effort while eliminating the potential for component misapplication. This ready-to-run motion-control package includes the Model 5224AC brushless servoamplifier and a choice between two fast-accelerating NEMA size 23 servomotors.

These motors run at 6000 rpm. The CBL232BE delivers 82 oz-in rated torque and 477 oz-in peak torque. The CBL233BE develops 114 oz-rated torque and 685 oz-in peak torque. Both motors are equipped with Hall sensors for motor communication and for creating velocity feedback signals. Each motor's built-in 1000-line shaft encoder lets an associated controller develop position and speed control commands.

The 5224AC dc brushless servoamplifier operates directly from single-phase 50/60 Hz ac at 32 V to 132 V rms. It drives hall-commutated dc brushless servomotors to 1.25 hp. Also, it develops ±10-A continuous output and ±20-A peak for motors rated to 130 V. A built-in power supply produces high-voltage dc for motor drive, as well as lower voltages for the amplifier's own operation. This amplifier additionally has isolated outputs of 5 V dc at 200 mA and ±10 V at 5 mA for shaft encoder and Hall sensor excitation.

Available from stock to four weeks ARO in 100-unit quantities, the set with the CBL232BE costs $1095, while the set with the CBL233BE costs $1121.

Copley Controls Corp., 410 University Ave., Westwood, MA 02090; (781) 329-8200; fax (781) 329-4055;

Integrated Drive Family Offers 1- To 20-hp Velocity Control
>The DriveBlok family of 1- to 20-hp integrated drives is designed for ac induction and brushless PM motor applications. By virtually eliminating latencies in the speed loop, each model can run in velocity servo mode, producing true servo velocity control from the ac induction motor or the brushless PM motor. According to its manufacturer, its integrated drive module has the functionality and I/O features of many high-performance "packaged" drives while providing the flexibility of a compact modular form factor.

Mounting this module inside the panel with a heatsink outside the panel eliminates the need for an air conditioner. Proper heatsink design lets these modules run up to 10 hp without a fan, boosting system life and reliability. Two module sizes are available. The 1000 series covers 1 to 5 hp at 110/240-V ac and 380/480-V ac line inputs. The 2000 series comes in 7.5 to 20 hp at 240 and 460 V ac. Both versions come with a software package based on Windows 95/NT known as wInControl, which permits motor parameter set-up.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Semipower Systems Inc., 2350 N.E. Griffin Oaks, Ste. 500, Hillsboro, OR 97124; (503) 681-8948;

Intelligent Servo Drive Supplies Control For 100-W Motors
An intelligent servo drive known as the IPM100 provides high-level axis control functions—master, slave, and standalone operation—for brushed and brushless dc motors up to 100 W. Its vector current control permits motor control over a wide speed range. Also, it's capable of 3 A of continuous drive and 9 A of peak drive at supply voltages ranging from 12 to 36 V dc. Measuring just 104 by 64 by 7 mm, it's designed to interface with motors with encoder and/or Hall sensor feedbacks.

Its embedded Motion Language includes a high-level command protocol that the host can use via the on-board RS-485/232 serial interfaces. The IPM100 also can be operated in a standalone manner through programmable I/O or analog inputs to control the function of the servo drive. Motion Studio software lets designers set up, program, and tune machine-specific motion sequences. The IPM100 includes a comprehensive graphic interface and a real-time monitor as well.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Technosoft US Inc., 1942 County Rd. 39, Southampton, NY 11968; (631) 287-9898; fax (631) 287-9897;

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