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8-Bit MCU Toolkit Comes With Full C Compiler
The Z8 Encore! line of flash-based microcontrollers adds features like a three-channel DMA to its Z8 architecture. Included is a sizable 4-kbyte SRAM, large for 8-bit microcontrollers, and up to 64 kbytes of flash memory. The new register architecture, developed by Zilog, allows the SRAM to be used as a very large register file. The single-cycle execution unit delivers 20-MIPS performance.

On-chip debug support eliminates the need for expensive emulators, and the interface uses only a single wire interface. The Windows-based development kit comes with a full-feature C compiler and source-level debugger. The kit also incorporates a 64-kbyte flash Z8F6403 chip. www.zilog.com

Processor 20-MHz 8-bit micro-controller
Memory 4-kbyte SRAM, up to 64-kbyte flash
Digital peripherals three-channel DMA, SPI, I2C, dual 9-bit UART, USB 1.1 host/ client, keyboard, three UARTs, four 16-bit timers with PWM support
Analog peripherals 12-channel, 10-bit sigma-delta A/D
Debugging on-chip, single-pin debugger interface
Development kit with C compiler, $49.95
Price $473 for 64k flash, $3.08/16k flash

Two-Wire Serial CryptoMemory
Storing encryption keys and secure data usually is a tedious task. To help facilitate the process, Atmel developed CryptoMemory. The 8-pin chip is pin-compatible with Atmel's AT24Cxx serial EEPROMs. Both use a 1.5-MHz two-wire interface. The CryptoMemory delivers on-chip key storage along with encryption services. Up to 15 devices can be placed on the serial bus. Stream encryption is supported. Pricing starts at $0.25 for 1-kbit devices. The largest device announced stores 256 kbits of information. www.atmel.com

486 Lives In PC/104 SBC
The 486 continues to be a popular processor for PC/104 products. Unfortunately, many sources for the 486 have dried up. However, Ampro's CoreModule 400, based on STMicroelectronics' STPC Atlas processor, will be available for the next 5 to 10 years or more. The 400 includes 10/100-BaseT and 2D graphics support, as well as a CompactFlash and DiskOn-Chip socket. www.ampro.com

Network-Processor Framework Gains Apps
Teja Technologies announced the addition of foundation applications for TCP termination, IPv4 forwarding, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), and layer 2 transparent bridging. The apps work with the Teja NP application development environment (ADE), which supports Intel's IXP2400 and IXP2800 network processors. www.teja.com

Low-Cost 68HC908 Tools Speed Development
P&E Microcomputer Systems has released the $139 DEV908AB prototype board and the $168 Mono08 debug probe for Motorola 68HC908 MCU development. The debug probe connects to the parallel port in a PC. www.pemicro.com

System Board Uses 133 MHz
The new CoreModule 400 PC/104 system board from Ampro Computer takes advantage of STMicroelectronics' 133-MHz STPC Atlas microprocessor. It supports Ethernet, 2D video, and a DiskOnChip flash drive. The CoreModule costs under $300 in OEM quantities. www.ampro.com

Module Delivers Compact Ethernet Node
Rabbit Semiconductor's Rabbit Core Module, the RCM3200, combines a 44.2-MHz, low-EMI Rabbit 3000 microprocessor with a 10/100BaseT Ethernet in-terface. The module also contains 512k flash, 512k program SRAM, and 256k data SRAM. The development kit comes with the Dynamic C compiler. In OEM quantities, the RCM320 runs $63 and the development kit is $349. www.rabbitsemiconductor.com

SBC Plugs Into Gbit Packet-Switched Backplane
Force Computers' CPCI-740E single-board computer (SBC) plugs into a PICMG 2.16 standard CompactPCI Packet-Switching Backplane (cPSB). A 1.4-GHz or faster Pentium 4-M processor drives the SBC. It has dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces and supports up to 2 Gbytes of RAM. There also is a PMC slot with PCI-X support for a mezzanine card expansion. The CPCI-740E is priced below $1000 in OEM quantities. www.forcecomputers.com

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