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SAS Switch Chips Sharpen Blade Servers

The PM8399 SXP 24x3GSec and PM8398 SXP 36x3GSec SAS switching chips from PMC-Sierra provide multiple processors with access to an array of SAS and SATA hard-disk drives with transfer rates up to 3 Gbits/s. PMC-Sierra has imbued the chips with a range of security features based on its zone permission table. These features permit traffic segregation so designated hosts can access specific groups of drives. Systems can support up to 128 groups using the ANSI INCITS T10 SAS-2 Zoning proposal. Pricing starts at $59 and $89 for the 24- and 36-port chips. The chips are available in 27- by 27-mm CSBGA packages. www.pmc-sierra.com

Small Embedded PC Packs A Trio Of Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Stealth Computer's LPC-401XG3 LittlePC contains three high-speed Gigabit Ethernet front loaded localarea network ports. The smallfootprint (10 by 5.82 by 2.79 in.) system contains an 80-Gbyte hard disk. Linux can be pre-installed on the hard disk. The system also includes a serial port, a parallel port, three USB ports, a FireWire port, integrated video, and PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. There is space for a slimline optical drive. Pricing for the LPC-401XG3 LittlePC starts at $795. www.stealthcomputer.com

see the figure

RTOS Ported To Configurable CPU Core

The ThreadX real-time operating system (RTOS) from Express Logic now runs on Arc International's 32-bit ARC 700 configurable CPU core with DSP support. ThreadX is a small-footprint, royalty-free, ITRON 4.0-compatible real-time kernel. Options include the NetX TCP/IP stack and the FileX MS-DOS compatible FAT file system. Pricing starts at $12,500. www.expresslogic.com

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