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Electronic Design

New Products: More Embedded

Bridge Links Serial And Ethernet For TCP/IP Network
The EM1500 Serial-Ethernet Bridge provides serial and multipoint serial communications over a transmission-control-protocol/Internet-protocol (TCP/IP) network. It supports four RS-232 interfaces and one multidrop RS-485 network. It also has a single-pole double-throw relay, two digital open collector outputs, and three digital inputs. Two EM1500s can be used to create a transparent serial bridge. A graphical-user-interface configuration application is provided. Pricing for the EM1500 runs $249.

ZWorld Inc.

J2ME Development Tool Ropes In New Java JVM
The CodeWarrior Development System is now available with Motorola’s iJV30 Java virtual machine (JVM). It is J2ME-compatible (Java 2 Micro Edition), supporting Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0, Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) 1.0, Wireless Messaging application programming interfaces (APIs) (JSR-120), and the Mobile Media APIs (JSR-135). Designed to work with CodeWarrior Wireless Studio 7, the development system for i.MXL costs $3995.


K0/K0S Kit Kicks 8-Bit MCU Development Into High Gear
The K0REboard product line is a set of development boards for the company’s 8-bit ultra-low-power K0 and K0S microcontroller. The K0RE9418-KB, which supports the PD78F9418 K0S MCU, includes LCD support. The K0REwriter II USB programmer was also released. The K0RE4918-KB costs $39, and the K0REwriter II USB costs $149.

NEC Electronics America Inc.

Test System Measures Up PIGMG 3.x AdvancedTCA
The 543 series is designed for PICMG 3.0-compliant AdvancedTCA system test. It’s available with a two- to six-slot full mesh backplane that supports the AdvancedTCA PICMG 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 specifications. An optional board provides an AdvancedTCA-compliant Shelf Management System (SMS). The SMS plugs directly into the zone 1 connector of the 543 Series’ backplane and monitors the AdvancedTCA System Management Interface. Pricing for the 543 Series starts at $2185.

CG Mupac

USB Controller For Portables Is A Power Miser
High performance coupled with the low power requirements found in portable battery-powered devices is the strength behind the ISP1582/83 and ISP1183 USB (Universal Serial Bus) controllers. They suit portable devices like MP3 players. The ISP1582/83 currently consumes 45 mA, with less than 4 mA required from the power supply of the end product. The 32-pin device comes in a 5- by 5-mm package with an 8-bit, general-purpose parallel interface. The ISP1582/83 costs $2.90, while the ISP1183 goes for $2.

Philips Semiconductor Inc.

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