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New Products: More Packaging/Interconnects

Combo D Subconnectors Add Power Contacts/Screw Terminals; Loaded Adapter Board Simplifies SMT Prototyping; Board-To-Board Interconnects Customizes Power Connections; EIA Connectors for Coax Cables Come In 7/8- And 1.5/8-in. Sizes

Combo D Subconnectors Add Power Contacts/Screw Terminals
A series of power contacts now features screw terminals with wire protection for field installation. Designed for use with combo D subconnectors, the contacts can be easily installed in 2W2, 3W3, 5W5, 8W8, and other combination D subconnectors. Available in plug (part #131C36009X) and socket (part #132C36009X) versions, they’re rated for 20 A and accept up to AWG 14 wire sizes. The contact mating area is gold-plated with 30 milli-inches of gold. The screw terminal is nickel-plated. Pricing is $2 each in 1000-unit quantities. Delivery is from stock to three weeks.

American CONEC Corp.
(919) 460-8800

Loaded Adapter Board simplifies SMT Prototyping
Prototyping for a wide variety of small surface-mounted (SMT) chips can be a snap with the P513 Snap-Apart adapter board. The board comes packed with 150 Snap-Apart elements, featuring SC, SOT, TSSOP, and MSOP adapters on either side. Each P513 board comes with six 40-pin header strips. The P513 is a quick and economical solution for many projects requiring small SMT-style adapters. It’s currently available from stock for $59.95.

Bellin Dynamic Systems
(714) 630-8024

Board-To-Board Interconnect Customizes Power Connections
The modular board-to-board Power Dock connector system offers a broad range of customized optional connections. These include vertical or right-angle board orientations, up to three separate power-mating sequences, press-fit (compliant-pin) or solder through-hole termination, six- or 24-circuit signal modules, and self-aligning capabilities. They’re drop-in replaceable and intermatable with existing power connectors. Contacts are rated up to 35 A each, with an option to include signal circuits. Pricing depends on quantity and configuration. A typical mated pair consisting of three power blades and a 24-circuit signal with gold-plated compliant pins, mounting ears, and guide pins costs $14.95 each in 10,000-unit lots.

Molex Inc.
(800) 78-MOLEX

EIA Connectors For Coax Cables Come In 7/8- And 1-5/8-in. Sizes
A complete series of EIA (Electronic Industry Association) connectors features models available in 7/8-in. and 1-5/8-in. sizes as plugs, jacks, receptacles, and adapters for use with flexible multiple coax cables. They fit on cables with outside diameters of 0.5 to 1.2 in. Featuring silver-plated beryllium-copper inner conductors with Teflon dielectrics and nickel- or silver-plated bodies, they’re offered in straight and right-angle forms. Available separately or as finished cable assemblies, they operate from dc to 3000 MHz with a 132-kW peak power rating. Average power rating is 35 kW at 13.56 MHz, dc voltage rating is 11 kV, input impedance is 50 V, and the voltage standing-wave ratio is 1.15. Pricing starts from $75 each, based on size, configuration, and quantity.

Tru Corp.
(800) 262-9878

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