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Integrity RTOS Supports x86
Green Hills Software rounds out processor platform coverage with the latest release of its royalty-free Integrity 4.0 RTOS. It delivers a worst-case interrupt latency of 200 ns on the x86/Pentium architecture. Integrity now supports all major 32- and 64-bit processor architectures. Integrity 4.0 is integrated with Green Hills' Multi and AdaMulti IDEs. Development licenses for Integrity, including a board support package, start at $15,000. www.ghs.com

Configurable Logic Analyzer Targets Flash-Based FPGA
The Configurable Logic Analyzer Module (CLAM) provides on-chip and off-chip support for developers using Actel 's ProASIC and ProASIC Plus FPGAs. The analyzer, developed by First Silicon Solution, analyzes up to 128 nodes. Users can view and trigger on up to 32 channels or nodes. Pricing for on-chip and off-chip support starts at $2495, and $3495, respectively. www.fs2.com

Mission-Critical Flash MCU Does The "CAN CAN"
Mitsubishi Electric's new M16C line incorporates one or two CAN controllers. The M16C/6N5 integrates a pair of CAN controllers, making it ideal for a communication hub during diagnostic analysis. The product line employs the hyper New DINOR flash technology designed to eliminate bit failures and defect-induced data-retention failures. The units can perform over 100,000 erase/write cycles. The M16C/6N family includes dual DMA channels, an eight-channel 10-bit ADC, a dual-channel 8-bit DAC, a three-channel UART, timers, and a large number of GPIO pins. The MCU runs at up to 20 MHz. Flash units have 10 kbytes of RAM.

The 128-kbyte flash M16C/6N4 samples are available for $9. The 64-kbyte M16C/1N is $5 and comes with a single CAN interface. Starter kits will be available this month. www.mitsubishichips.com

Platform Streamlines SoC Development
A standard hardware and software base highlights Arm's PrimeXsys Platform designed to simplify SoC design. The platform launches with the ARM1136J-S and ARM1136JF-S cores. The PrimeXsys architecture also includes peripheral blocks, interconnect fabric, and system debug. The AMBA Compliance Testbench ensures proprietary AMBA-compliant blocks meet specification. Board support packages for Windows CE, .Net, Symbian OS, and VxWorks are available along with integrated development tools. Contact Arm for licensing details. www.arm.com

SBC Integrates A Power Filter
SBS Technologies' EC6 single-board computer (SBC) packs a 200- to 333-MHz Geode GX1 Pentium-compatible processor and dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces on a board with its own power-supply filter. It handles up to 512 Mbytes of SDRAM and 128 kbytes of nvSRAM. Included on-board is a video interface, IDE interface, and PCI/104+ interface. It costs $390 in single quantities. www.sbs.com

PSRAM Adds 64-Mbit Flash
Integrated Silicon Solutions' IS75V-16F64GS32 combines 64 kbytes of NOR flash with a 32-Mbyte psuedo-SRAM for a lower-power, 70-mA solution for portable devices. It costs $25 in OEM lots. www.issi.com

5-Nines System Uses Gig ENet
The EndurX C21K Ultra Availability system developed by Force Computers is based on PICMG 2.16 cPSB. It supports Linux/Pentium boards. Prices start at $31,000. www.forcecomputers.com

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