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Windows Devices Drivers Made Easy
Jungo's WinDriver 6.02 adds MIPS support for Windows CE.Net and Server 2003. Development versions for PCI and USB along with USB Delphi support is available. Pricing starts at $1999.


InfiniBand Goes On Large Cluster
With Fabric Networks' 128-port FabNet 12800 InfiniBand switch, InfiniBand will be part of a Xeon-based cluster system running Clusterworx from Linux Networx at Sandia National Labs. System management is provided via FabNet Fabric Manager. The FabNet 12800 implements a three-level "Fat Tree" topology that's scalable from 64 to 128 nodes.


Dev Kit Simplifies SoC Solutions
It's easier to incorporate AMD's MIPS32-based Au1500 processor into Windows CE.Net designs using the company's Alchemy Solutions DBAu1500 development board. The DBAu1500 handles Au1500 processor speeds from 333 to 500 MHz. Included are 33/66-MHz 32-bit PCI controllers (PCI 2.2 compliant), GPIO, two 10/100 Ethernet controllers, USB device and host, two UARTs, an AC'97 controller, and a PCMCIA controller. There's also a board support package for Microsoft's Windows CE development suite.


Eclipse-Based IDE TIEs Up SoC Development
Start with the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), and then add in new support for Tensilica's Xtensa processor configuration tools with TIE (Tensilica Instruction Extension) instructions. What results is a complete hardware and software development platform for system-on-a-chip (SoC) work, including C/C++ tools. Pricing starts at $5000.


Software Shines IrDA Light On Flashlite
Embednet's IrPro is now available for JK Microsystems' Flashlite 386Ex single-board computer. IrPro supports C and C++ applications that run on the Flashlite DOS operating system. Pricing starts at $6000 for IrPro and $495 for the Flashlite Development kit.


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