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8051 Targets Data Acquisition
Goal Semiconductors' new Versa Mix microcontroller contains a wide range of digital and analog peripherals designed to augment the chip's data-acquisition capabilities. The four-channel, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) supports sequential conversion on all channels automatically. The programmable current source is calibrated to deliver 33 or 133 µA. The 8051-based IC has a variety of communication options, including a built-in differential RS-485/RS-422 transceiver. There also is a fully configurable master/slave serial peripheral interface (SPI) that handles up to four dedicated/programmable chip enables. The Versa Mix chip comes in a number of models with a top speed of 20 MHz. Prices start at $6.58 for over 1000 units. www.goalsemi.com

NETBSD Gains Real-Time Core
BSD, an operating system well known for its efficiency and security, moves into the real-time operating-system world courtesy of FSMLabs Inc. Its RTCore/BSD brings the split-mode processing environment to NETBSD. Real-time applications communicate with regular applications via a POSIX application programming interface (API). The architecture is identical to the RTLinux/Pro also available from FSMLabs. Runtime licenses cost $50 each. Developer software is $1000 for binary and $5000 for source code. Initial platform support includes the Intel IA32. www.fsmlabs.com

Controller Fits Legacy-Free Laptops
The LPC47N350 Keyboard and System Controller from Standard Microsystems Corp. combines a high-performance 8051 keyboard and system controller with a serial peripheral interface (SPI) for battery management and two I2C/SMBus interfaces for power and alert management. It also features an LPC PortSwitch docking interface. Embedded CMOS memory handles restricted-access storage of encrypted keys. Pricing begins at $9.75. www.smsc.com

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