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600-MHz Via Eden CPU Power JRex-VE. The 3.5-in. single-board computer has a 133-MHz front-side bus supporting up to 512 Mbytes of SDRAM. The VIA TwisterT chip set incorporates an S3 Savage 4 graphic engine. The PC peripheral complement also includes 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two USB ports, and UDMA-100 EIED support. Pricing starts at $327.


RapidIO Switch Fabric specifications will be the next big splash from the RapidIO Trade Association by the end of the year. Targeting communications data-plane applications, an AdvancedTCA version is in the works.


A 25-MHz 8051 Flash MCU Costs $0.99. The tiny 3- by 3-mm C8051F305 has 2 kbytes of flash, 256 bytes of RAM, a UART, and an analog comparator.


ARM Revamps Thumb with a new Thumb-2 architecture. The architecture adds new 16- and 32-bit instructions and allows 16-bit instructions to handle more jobs, including interrupts. The more compact 16-bit code is also more efficient. The architecture is downward-compatible with Thumb instructions. Thumb-2 ARM cores will be announced before year's end.


Wasabi Eclipses IDE. The Wasabi Workbench for the NetBSD embedded operating system is based on the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE). The Workbench supports the GNU tool chain, Java, C, and C++ development.


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