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Real-Time Profiler Exposes Run-Time Details
RTXC Quadros developers now have a way to record and examine run-time interaction between tasks and the real-time operating system with the Quadros Execution Profiler from Quadros Systems Inc. The Profiler supplies scheduling latency and run-time duration information not available in most competing products. This information can be used in application tuning. Profile output is also useful for tracking down deadlock and race conditions. Application modifications aren't required. The initial version is integrated with Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Debugger. The Profiler is part of larger Quadros kernel awareness support. CodeWarrior pricing starts at $599.

Network Processing Development Platforms And Software Streamline AdvancedTCA System Configuration
Intel renewed its commitment to AdvancedTCA with a slew of announcements designed to ease the job of system developers. The announcements started with three hardware platforms consisting of an AdvancedTCA chassis and a development board. These include the IXDP2401, IXDP2801, and IXDP2851. Pricing starts at $14,190. The development boards contain a single IXP network processor, a TCAM mezzanine site, two media interface mezzanine sites, and a PrPMC site for an adjunct processor. The boards support base and fabric interfaces. The IXP2XXX Architecture Tool has been incorporated into the Intel IXA SDK (software development kit). The Architecture Tool helps developers choose the proper IXP processor and development board for a particular application. The SDK is available to developers at no charge.

QIL Form Factor Nets 32-Bit MCU
The ANDP/1520 single-board computer from SSV Embedded Systems packs a 32-bit AMD SC520 processor, two 16550 serial interfaces, 20 GPIO, 64 Mbytes of SDRAM, 16 Mbytes of flash memory, and a 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet interface onto a 128-pin QIL (Quad-In-Line) package. The starter kit costs 499 Euros.

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