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100MIPS 8051 Gets Two-Cycle 16x16 MAC.
The C8051F120 single-cycle 8051 MCU includes a two-cycle 16x16 multiply-accumulate (MAC) unit, making it the fastest 8-bit MCU around. The chip has 128 kbytes of flash memory and 8448 bytes of RAM. Peripherals include a 12-bit 100-ksample/s ADC, two 12-bit DACs, a 2% internal oscillator, a temperature sensor, a voltage reference, 64 GPIO, and two UARTs with SPI and I2C support. It also handles nonintrusive JTAG debugging. C8051F120 pricing starts at $9.44. It's pin-compatible with the $7.88, 50-MIPS C8051F124. The C8051F120DK development kit costs $149.

Development Kit Targets Standard Arm MCU.
The LH7A400 Zoom SDK is built around Sharp's 200-MHz, 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S-based LH75401 MCU. The board handles up to 32 Mbytes of flash memory and 64-Mbyte SDRAM, and includes a touchscreen controller, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, and an audio codec. The kit runs $349.

C++ Compiler Targets Mobile XScale Applications.
Intel's new C++ compiler lets developers take advantage of the XScale Wireless MMX technology. The C++ Compiler for Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ is available for $399. The Intel C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Microsoft Windows CE .NET goes for $1499.

Mobile i.MX MCU Likes Linux.
Motorola's i.MX line of ARM9-based MCUs is now supported by the MontaVista Linux Professional Edition 3.0. The i.MX MCUs incorporate 128 kbytes of RAM and a wide range of peripherals, such as a multimedia accelerator, Bluetooth accelerator, USB, and a SmartCard interface. MontaVista Linux is available on a subscription basis.

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