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Windows CE Is All .Net—Microsoft's latest Windows CE incarnation integrates the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) into the .Net fold. Tool and RTOS enhancements are significant. Windows CE handles managed and unmanaged code under the .Net environment, including common-language runtime (CLR) support. This platform is used on .Net servers, although the support modules are oriented toward embedded applications.

Extensive multimedia and networking features can be incrementally selected using the updated Platform Wizard. A wide range of predefined configurations allows fast system configuration. Emulation enhancements enable development without additional hardware. The Emulation Edition is a free download. www.microsoft.com

Javelin Stamp—Java programmers looking for a low-power (50-mA) Java platform will like Parallax's new Javelin Stamp. It dispenses with some of Java's complexity, such as garbage collection. But it's a subset that retains the Java syntax, base classes, and support for key language features like exceptions and polymorphism.

Though the Javelin Stamp has the same pinouts as its cousin, the Basic Stamp, it's substantially more powerful with 32 kbytes of RAM and EEPROM. Selectable firmware tasks like serial ports, ADCs, DACs, and LCD drivers run in a multitasking environment. Internet protocols such as ARP, UDP, and PPP are supported over serial links.

The Windows-based IDE provides a full debugger and cross compiler. The Starter Kit with demo board costs $239. www.parallax.com

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