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Eclipse Gains Supporters—The open, extensible IDE (www.eclipse.org) is being extended past its Java roots. QNX Software Systems (www.qnx.com) was one of many companies that showed off customized versions of Eclipse at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco. QNX integrated its compiler and debugger to provide a cross-development environment for the QNX RTOS.

ARMing Developers—ARM Limited (www.arm.com) released its RealView Developer Kit for its ARM7 architecture. It will work with ARM7 chips being released by Royal Philips Electronics (www.semiconductors. philips.com) using 0.18-µm flash technology. Hitex Development Tools (www.hitex.com) will support the ARM7 with its Tanto debug probe and the EMUL-ARM-PC. Emulator's Compact Trace Module from Nohau Corp. takes advantage of the ARM7 Embedded Trace Macrocell.

Linux On Top And LynxOS On Bottom—Lynuxworks' LynxOS 4.0 (www.lynuxworks.com) brings binary Linux compatibility to the hard real-time LynxOS RTOS. Linux applications run unaltered. This version boosts kernel performance by 30%. It also adds a new TCP/IP stack that supports IPsec and IPv6 and includes a firewall.

Microcontroller For Under A Buck—The price of STMicroelectronics' STLite0 microcontroller series (www.stmicroelectronics.com) starts at $0.99. It incorporates features like a 12-bit PWM controller and a built-in 1% RC oscillator. Programs fit in 1.5 kbytes of flash memory and can access 128 bytes of EEPROM and RAM.

Fast 8-Bit SoC Emits Low EMI—Rabbit Semiconductor's 8-bit, 54-MHz processor typically emits less than 10 dB µV/m at 3m. The 3000 uses 3.3 V, but it's also 5V tolerant. It supports six serial ports with IrDA, 56+ digital I/O, a quadruple decoder, pulse-width modulation outputs, and pulse capture and measurement capabilities. It's programmed using Dynamic C. The Rabbit 3000 is priced under $9 in quantity. The development kit costs $299. Core modules are available. www.rabbitsemiconductor.com

DSP Starter Kit Emulator Uses USB—Developers targeting Texas Instruments' TMS320C5000 DSP family can do so with the new TMS320C5416 DSK. The DSK includes a USB debug emulator that supports TI's Real Time Data Exchange. The USB interface provides plug-and-play connectivity to the Windows-based Code Composer Studio development tools for the eXpressDSP architecture. The C5416 DSP runs at 160 MHz and contains 256 kbytes of RAM. The DSK development board includes Embedded JTAG emulation via USB, PCM3002 16/20-bit stereo codec, 512 kbytes of flash, and 128 kbytes of RAM. The TMS320C 5416 DAK costs $395. www.ti.com

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