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KDevelop In New Linux
The Hard Hat Penguin remains, but the new name for Monta Vista's latest product is Monta Vista Linux 2.1. This latest version incorporates a host of new features and new platforms. The KDevelop IDE is standard.

The RTOS is based on the 2.4.17 kernel. Three journaling file systems are supported along with IBM's Visual Age Micro Edition (VAME) Java development environment. 802.11b and wireless utilities have been added. The Linux Trace Tool now supports user-level events. Qt/Embedded is a royalty-based GUI alternative to the standard Hard Hat Graphics package.

SoC Meets DVD
STMicroelectronics combines analog preprocessing, DSP, microcontroller, and memory in the L6315 SoC for complete DVD support. It's designed to work with STMicroelectronics' STi55xx back-end decoders. The L6315 is available now for $10.

SBC Takes The Heat
The PPM-TX family from WinSystems is a PC/104-Plus single-board computer (SBC) that operates over a -40°C to 85°C range and is targeted at industrial environments. The $625 PPM-520 includes 166-MHz Pentium MMX, four serial COM ports, and a 10/100 Ethernet controller.

Jini Lives
Sun's Jini Technology Starter Kit version 1.2 puts new life into Jini. It now supports multiple services in one virtual machine, reducing overhead. The implementation is now multithreaded for better performance and higher reliability.

Private USB Storage
M-Systems' USB-based DiskOnKey isn't only getting larger at 128 Mbytes, but also more secure. The new KeySafe software works with the on-board processor to split the flash memory into normal and password-protected storage. Unfortunately, KeySafe can only provide access to one part of the flash memory at a time. DiskOnKey supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux. A BIOS that supports USB block storage can even boot from a DiskOnKey device.

Windows CE Is All .Net
Microsoft's latest Windows CE incarnation integrates the embedded RTOS into the .Net fold. Windows CE supports managed and unmanaged code under the .Net environment, which includes common-language runtime (CLR) support. Extensive multimedia and networking support can be incrementally selected using the updated Platform Wizard. A wide range of predefined configurations allow fast system configuration. Emulation support enables development without additional hardware. The Emulation Edition is a free download that runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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